Samsung’s Interactive Smart TV Debuts in India

Digital technology leader, Samsung Electronics, today announced the launch of its new, more interactive and intuitive Smart TV models – its flagship LED ES8000 and ES7500 series and the Plasma E8000 series in the Indian market. Samsung’s Smart Interaction technology provides Smart TV users with a new, more natural and intuitive option for controlling and interacting with the TV – breaking the physical boundaries between the consumer and screen. Samsung’s new Voice Control, Motion Control, and Face Recognition commands advance the user experience in a competitive TV market that values ease, convenience and choice. Users can turn the TV on or off, activate selected apps or search for and select content in the web browser—all without touching the remote. The Samsung 2012 Smart television series feature a built-in camera that recognizes movement in the foreground, as well as microphones that recognize voice.

Announcing the launch of the Samsung 2012 Smart television series, Mr. Raj Kumar Rishi. Vice President, AV Business, Samsung India said, “Samsung’s global leadership in televisions has rested on our continued thrust on innovation and excellence. In India too, we have been the first to introduce the latest, innovative technology products such as LED TVs, 3D TVs and now 2012 Smart Television series. Samsung’s 2012 TV and AV strategy rests on three pillars: Smart Interaction, Smart Content, and Smart Evolution, and our 2012 Smart television range exemplifies the same. I am confident that the new Smart television range will help us create new segments and further fuel the growth of the flat panel television market in India.”

As the Smart TV platform of choice, Samsung provides consumers access to the widest variety of premium content available, with over 1,500 apps offered worldwide. In 2012, Samsung is taking content one step further and evolving the way consumers discover and access apps—through a new Smart Hub that features a simpler, more personable UI in Full HD. Samsung’s Smart TVs also provide a much faster Smart TV experience powered by a new dual-core processor. Further, Samsung’s AllShare Play, the essential tie between Samsung’s products, content and services allows content to be pushed or pulled—regardless of the user’s location—from device to device and device to cloud for limitless sharing. AllShare Play enables consumers to push content manually to the cloud or pull the content directly from their Smart TV or other mobile devices.

Further, Samsung has strengthened its Smart TV content experience through the introduction of new exclusive services. The first-of-their kind services allow for easier content sharing among families across TVs and a number of connected personal devices.

  •  Family Story allows users to share photos, post messages & chat in real time with family and friends Fitness allows consumers to access exercise content and track progress both on the TV and on the go.
  •  Kids offers a wealth of kid-friendly content that kids can access and parents can control and monitor.

Finally, Samsung’s Evolution Kit—an industry first—will allow consumers to easily and cost-effectively enjoy the latest technology services on their TV. With a simple slot-in at the back of select 2012 Samsung Smart TV models, consumers can keep pace with rapid advancements in both TV hardware and software—without needing to purchase a new set every other year. This makes Samsung the only consumer electronics company to offer this evolving TV solution. The ‘ES series’ of Samsung Slim LED televisions use edge-lit LED technology and offers excellent contrast and brightness with a Dynamic Contrast ratio of 3.5 million:1, are ultra Slim, consume 40% less power and have excellent durability. The Samsung Smart televisions, including LED and Plasma models, are priced in the range between Rs 37,700 to Rs 273,000.

“Even as we work towards enhancing the Indian consumers’ experience by introducing India relevant applications for Smart televisions, we are also introducing new LED television models that have been especially developed for India,” said Mr. Raj Kumar Rishi, Vice President – AV Business, Samsung India. Samsung has launched the EH Series of LED TV in the screen sizes between 26” to 46” across Series 4, 5 and 6. The EH series uses back-lit LED technology and offers better viewing experience than LCD Televisions at similar price points. Compared to conventional LCD TVs, the EH series offers richer colours, better motion clarity, have a narrow bezel, consume 50% lower electricity (than comparable LCD models) and offers a Triple Protector. Triple Protector ensures protection against electrical surges and lightning as well as humidity. The Samsung EH Series is priced between Rs. 24,000 to Rs 94,900. “Based on the launch of our new ES series Smart televisions as well as the EH Series of LED TVs, we are expecting LED TVs to contribute to 70% of our total Flat Panel TV sales,” said Mr. Rishi. Samsung’s entire Flat Panel TVs product portfolio (LED, LCD and Plasma) has models that are priced in the range between Rs. 12,800 to Rs. 273,000.

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