Jabra launches UC Voice Series Headsets

New Delhi, March 27, 2012: With Jabra’s leading position within the hands-free communications industry and the expected growth potential of INR 35-70 billion by 2014 (driven by the growth of Unified Communications) Jabra today announced the launch of four new UC-dedicated headsets for cost-effective UC deployments – the Jabra UC VOICETM series.

All four headsets were designed specifically for companies looking for a cost-effective means of deploying headsets across an organization and to accommodate for the different working styles and environments without compromising on quality.

In addition to headset solutions for light to heavy users the Jabra UC VOICETM series features a portable headset developed for today’s virtual offices that is the industry’s first corded UC headset with a behind-the-ear wearing style and discreet form factor for video conferencing.

“Today there are approximately 7.8 million users of UC,” said Ralph Ede, Managing Director – South Asia Jabra. “By 2015 that number is expected to skyrocket to 49.5 million.  Optimization of these investments by adding the voice dimension to the UC experience and attaching headsets that offer superior sound, comfort and build will have a tremendous impact when wanting to ensure the right ROI.”

With so many new users coming from a traditional desk phone environment, the single most important factor for successful deployment and adoption of the technology is the headset, which completes the UC experience. With a series of easy-to-use UC headsets Jabra’s new headsets pave the way for faster end-user adoption of the technology.

And as more companies deploy UC there is a growing realization that audio plays a vital role in the success of the UC deployment. While the audio quality at both ends of a UC conversation is critical, there are many other factors that make a headset perform beyond expectations.

Strategic Development

With its new Jabra UC VOICETM series, Jabra builds on a long tradition of user-driven innovation and developing high-performance headset solutions. As the first company to have headsets optimized for Microsoft’s Office Communicator Jabra has a history of maximizing the benefits of UC with headsets that are comfortable, easy to use and at the forefront of the development.

“In essence, this is a whole new category of cost-effective headsets,” said Ralph Ede.  “The four headsets in the Jabra UC VOICETM series are both powerful and economical.  They’re simple, durable, have superb audio and come from Jabra’s years of experience creating an award-winning portfolio.

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