Huawei Announces SoftMobile Solutions to Build Efficient Mobile Broadband Connections

Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, announced today at the 2012 Mobile World Congress (MWC) the release of its SoftMobile suite of solutions. These solutions, featuring coordination, sharing and profiting, can help operators achieve more flexible and profitable mobile broadband network connections.

Huawei’s SoftMobile can optimize network architecture, achieve dynamic resource sharing, and improve user experience. The solution of macro-macro and macro-micro coordination can decrease interference between sites. Macro-macro coordination can improve the site throughput.  And network capacity can be improved with macro-micro coordination.

Visitors to Huawei’s booth at MWC can experience live demonstrations of Networker, Huawei’s user-side application for Monetizing QoE (Quality of Experience), which can be easily installed in smart terminals. Using Networker, visitors can see real-time displays of current data rate, available data rate, volume quota, and subscription status. The Networker software solution encourages users to upgrade their subscriptions for higher bandwidth, volume top-ups, and temporary boosts of speed via one-touch purchases.

Also introduced was the concept of Cloud EPC, Huawei’s innovative concept for the future evolution of packet core networks operating on three layers: infrastructure, virtualization, and applications. The infrastructure level involves the modularization, unification, and standardization of underlying facilities to improve capabilities and performance; the virtualization level supports multiple logical network elements to dynamically share the infrastructure layer’s network resources; the virtualization layer utilizes an open API (Application Programming Interface) for the application layer to facilitate mobile broadband service innovation, accelerates development cycles of third-party applications, and helps improve QoE.

Huawei’s SoftMobile solutions help operators build open and profitable mobile broadband connections by solving capacity congestion, providing end-to-end network coordination, and facilitating a variety of flexible strategies to improve user experience.

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