Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Storage Appliance introduces Clickfree HD801 portable backup

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008, 18:13

Forgetting to backup important digital content such as photos, music, data and video - and running the risk of losing it all forever - just became a thing of the past with the arrival of the new Clickfree HD801 portable backup.

Storage Appliance Corp.’s new Clickfree HD801 portable backup introduces an entirely new level of simplicity and security to the crucial - but often confusing - task of backing up digital files. Now, for the first time, saving digital content is as easy as connecting your computer via USB cable to the HD801, which automatically searches, organises and backs up all of your PC data and digital files. The system does not require software installation or configuration and is truly ?click-free’.

The HD801 is a breakthrough in backup products that does it all and lets you forget about the fear of losing your precious content, which will no doubt come as good news to the majority of PC users today who view backing up content as a hassle they would rather avoid, says Storage Appliance Corp. CEO, Bryan McLeod.

“Creating and sharing digital content is getting easier by the day but the backup process, as important as it is, has never been simple or intuitive - until now,” said McLeod. “Backing up data is something people typically either ignore or forget to do. We’ve taken the backup process to an entirely new level of automation, ease and simplicity. The HD801 automatically starts backing up your PC right out of the box without any confusing software installation or configuration. Backing up your PC content just got easier than using your toaster or microwave and along the way we’ve essentially eliminated the risk forever of losing digital content that in many cases is irreplaceable.”

McLeod added that Clickfree’s entire line-up of portable hard drives and DVDs are designed for the 85 to 90 percent of computer users who, research shows, fail to regularly backup content on their PCs because they do not have the time, desire or skill to install, set up and use what - up until now - has been based on complex software and hardware products.

Breakthrough products like the HD801 that manage backup processes automatically should eliminate a traditional and very real “fear factor” that is common among most computer users, said analyst Kurt Scherf.

“The market for backup products has been largely dominated by complicated devices requiring a fairly sophisticated understanding of technology,” said Scherf, vice president, Parks Associates. “That’s why the vast majority of consumers have chosen to take their chances and do nothing to safeguard their data. Eliminating the fear factor by making the process fully automatic will hopefully encourage more people to backup, ultimately eliminating the needless heartache that comes from data loss.”

The Clickfree Portable Backup HD801 with 160 GB capacity has a recommended retail price of €129 in Germany and will be available directly from the Storage Appliance Corporation’s website at www.goclickfree.com and from QVC in Germany. Clickfree products can also be found at https://www.amazon.co.uk, https://www.play.com , https://www.expansys.co.uk and https://www.pcworld.co.uk in addition to QVC- with additional major retailers coming soon across Europe.

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