LifeMojo provides an easy access to preventive health care

There are 158 million people in India who are overweight, of which 1.35 million take the pains of visiting nutritionists to lose weight and spend around $160 million. Furthermore, there are 40 million people in India, who suffer from diseases like Diabetes type 2. All of these people need a convenient way to prevent/cure such lifestyle diseases.

For such people, LifeMojo (, would provide an easy access to preventive health care experts and necessary tracking tools. LifeMojo also provides a platform to preventive health care providers to run and scale-up their existing operations. LifeMojo is accessible on the Web and mobile using GPRS/SMS with the first-of-its kind LifeMojo mobile tracker.

LifeMojo’s focus is on creating a platform for delivery of preventive health care services and partner with renowned health experts for their consultation.

For health care service providers, LifeMojo has a hosted CRM (Software as a Service or SaaS). The company already has Dr. Shikha Sharma, renowned weight management and health expert, as a customer for this offering and is in talks with several other individual health care experts and organizations.

For people looking to live a fitter / healthier life, LifeMojo is a one-stop shop for expert consultation and fitness products.

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