Geek announces Meizu M8 phone, the”IPhone killer”

Geek manufacturer of entertainment electronics, announced channel distribution for Meizu M8 phone, dubbed as “IPhone Killer”, the much awaited M8 will be initially launched with complete fanfare in Chinese markets.

Geek will distribute M8 through its expanding franchise network in India. ” We were looking for a better,cheaper alternative for Iphone to indian customer, since the beta launch of M8 testing is through, we are very confident to make M8 an success” said Mr. Nilesh Patel, Head Sourcing -Indian operations.

Geek already has established a network of 18+ franchisees in tier-2 & tier 3 cities.

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  1. official india website launched for booking M8.

  2. Beware of Purchasing unauthorised Meizu products in India
    Dear All:
    We would like to make clear that in India Meizu products are only available & distributed in India through “SUDARSHAN” and their Brands “i-Next” & “Pyramid India Sales”. Please note any Meizu available without any proper channel other then this are not authorised to sell Meizu products in India at present. We at “SUDARSHAN” are completely liable to provide distribution, marketing , after sales and all type of technical service supports in Indian market. We are committed to provide the best service in the Indian market by supplying Meizu products in a proper channels.

    We have recently found that Amit Nayak has been marketing “Meizu” and “Meizu M8′ in the name of “GEEK IT STORES”^ & “GIZMO GURU” on which are totally unauthorised for sell, market , distribute or to provide services. “Meizu” has not given any rights of certificates to market or to take any bookings of “Meizu M8″ in the Indian market to any one including us or none of the marketing certificates have been given to Amit Nayak. It is advisable to all “Meizu” fans in India to make the proper purchase of your “Meizu” products only from the proper channel.

    Our warranty policy at “SUDARSHAN” limits to “One Year Replacement”*
    *Terms & Conditions apply.

    211,”D” Block,
    ITC Towers, Majura Gate,
    Ring Road, SURAT - 395002 (INDIA)
    Ph: +91 261 305 3415
    (M):+91 99094 37799,
    (24hrs): +91 97261 74105
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