Trend Micro launches TITANIUM 2012 for Maximum Security

Trend Micro Incorporated, a global leader in the fight against cybercrime, has released Titanium 2012 version, which revolutionize in ensuring maximum security, delivered with optimal performance and ease-of-use. Trend Micro?s Titanium 2012 certifies speed & performance, automatic protection & defense and has an intuitive interface. Titanium is quite light on the system resources and uses less of the PC?s memory and disk space, so it won?t slow the PC down.

Titanium 2012 focuses on providing Maximum protection for the digital life. It authenticates wireless hotspots and Wi-Fi networks. Keeping up to the constant innovations, the 2012 edition helps the user socialize safely on the Internet. Social Networking Security feature automatically scans the wall and identifies safe and malicious links so the user knows it’s safe before he clicks. In addition, the latest edition protects the smartphones and tablets including Android devices, Symbian, iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Windows. The all-new edition also comes with friendly and adjustable parental controls. Without having to look over their shoulders, one can easily protect his children from inappropriate websites, limit their time on the Internet, and see detailed activity reports about what they do online. The Parental Controls can be quickly customized as well.

In addition, it also has new features like its data security tools like a file shredder and vault which guards the security of the data. Its Secure Vault keeps most important documents safe inside an encrypted folder. If computer is lost or stolen it will remotely lock the vault. There is a robust data theft prevention mechanism that prevents hackers and spyware from stealing credit card numbers, passwords, email addresses, and other sensitive data. The PC optimization feature in the new software also improves performance and helps protect privacy by cleaning registry and temp files, and deleting browsing histories and cookies.

?Titanium 2012 is a multifaceted boon for consumers. Our unique cloud computing architecture leverages a global network of threat intelligence sensors, email, Web, and file reputation technologies that work together to dramatically reduce infections. It?s a major upgrade for our customers, for Trend Micro and for the industry.? commented Amit Nath, Country Manager, India & SAARC Trend Micro.


A fun ?skin? feature also offers consumers the opportunity to completely customize the look of their digital life protection. Titanium 2012 also includes enhancements to Titanium?s Parental Controls, Behavioral Monitoring, and Rootkit detection and removal.

New security enhancements include a tool that eliminates programs posing as antivirus software (Fake AV), proative botnet and PE Virus protection, protection against malware packer technology, and a tool that visually identifies safe and malicious links on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Smart Protection

In addition to providing the strongest protection, Titanium 2012 continues to have consumerist approach. It uses less disk space after installation and doesn?t bloat over time. Titanium has minimal intrusions & alerts- set it and forget it! It?s easy to install and has a simple interface created with the non-tech savvy consumer in mind.

Titanium 2012 is powered by the Trend Micro? Smart Protection Network? infrastructure, providing consumers with robust threat protection. Smart Protection Network technology has been ranked #1 in protection by three independent labs across 10 individual tests since September 2009. Because it provides a cloud-based solution, Titanium 2012 utilizes less than half the disk space and memory of other security products while providing up-to ?the-minute protection and proactively stops threats before they reach the consumer, all with a user-friendly, ?set-and-forget? user interface.

Better Performance

Titanium security has transfigured with features like fully automatic social networking protection, Safe surfing in public wireless hotspots. It assists in safe regular online transactions and surfing. Family use has also been taken into consideration. The upgraded technology blocks threats in the “Internet Cloud” before they affect. 128 bit Key Stroke Encryption feature assists all the online transactions like e-banking, buying tickets online, online shopping etc.

It processes more than 300 million new URLs and blocks over 5 billion threats daily. Over 1,000 security experts are committed to constant global threat surveillance and attack prevention. Because of this, frequent updates are made in the cloud, rather than on the desktop, so it doesn?t eat up resources. 80% of the pattern is stored in the cloud, rather than on the desktop.

80% of Titanium?s pattern file resides in the cloud, allowing the product to use less system resources than ?old school? security software. Titanium 2012?s scores by Tolly, an independent lab showed that Titanium led the industry for yet another year in key performance indicators like memory utilization, system scan time and solution installer size.
In a recent test conducted by, Titanium 2012 showed a 60% improvement in detecting and removing Rootkits, a difficult to detect, subversive form of malware.

Pricing and Availability:

The Titanium 2012 is available at the price range mentioned as follows:

MRP of Titanium 2012 1Year 1 User is Rs.1300/- plus tax
MRP of Titanium 2012 1Year 3 Users is Rs.1900/- plus tax

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