Sony unveils new external hard drive

Sony Electronics’ newest media innovation is an external hard drive designed not only for secure and reliable data storage, but also to enhance a consumer’s entertainment experience by providing compatibility with a range of electronics devices.

Theslim and stylish 2.5-inch device will be initially available in capacities of 500 GB. It delivers all the necessary features for “smart” external storage of PC data: USB3.0 compatibility, high-speed data transfer at up to 3x real time speed, password protection and easy data backup.

Additionally, using the drive’s A/V feature (available on certain models) and a simple USB connection to a PlayStation3 (PS3) system, users can immediately view the videos and photos stored on the drive on a compatible TV, without the need to use a PC. With a supplied USB adapter cable, users can also directly back-up video from their compatible Sony Handycam camcorders to the external hard drive, again without using a PC. The new drive is also compatible with a wider range of other Sony consumer electronics products, including Blu-ray Disc players.

“Consumer electronics devices need to work together in order to deliver a total entertainment experience,” said Viviano Cantu, director of consumer media at Sony Electronics. “This new drive fits perfectly into the model of the connected home. It’s ideal for secure storage and data transfer, as well as enjoying your videos and photos easily.”

With USB3.0 capabilities, users can transfer data files from a PC to the external hard drive at up to 3x speed, using the drive’s Data Transfer Accelerator feature. Using a USB 2.0 connection, users can transfer data at approximately 2x speed.

The Password Protection Manager software keeps users’ data securely protected even when the drive is used as “portable hard drive” away from home. Other useful software includes: Backup Manager for easy, automatic backup; and FAT32 formatter software for re-formatting the drive from NTFS to FAT32.

The new external hard drive will be available in August for a suggested list price of $119.99. For more information, visit

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