New ASUS U46/U56 Notebooks are Thin, Light and Powerful

Redesigned U46/U56 notebooks are under an inch thick, brandishing highly attractive color schemes. Despite their ultra-slim build, they utilize the latest Intel® standard voltage CPUs up to 2nd generation Core™ i5. Powerful graphics join extended battery life, USB 3.0 and fast USB Charger+ device charging for complete computing that puts carefree usage and enjoyment first on both the 14” U46 and 15” U56.

Thin and light

At under an inch thick, the new notebooks bring highly artistic designs and the finest materials, including durable spun aluminum covers, brushed champagne-colored metal on U46 models, and a unique blue color scheme on the U56E. Tailored to everyone from travelers to business people, the U46 and U56 feature a hinge-forward design for wider viewing angles to accommodate diverse situations, even in very tight quarters. The U46 uses the thinnest 14” notebook panel currently available, measuring a mere 5.5mm. U46 notebooks feature a slim bezel around the screen, reducing weight, improving portability, conserving material and enhancing viewing experiences.

Superb performance and battery life

The new U46 and U56 employ 2nd generation standard voltage Intel® Core™ processors to expedite multitasking and improve multimedia. Discrete NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 540M graphics processors with 1GB of GDDR3 video memory (on the U46SV model) upscale visuals and make detailed gaming possible. While powerful, U46/U56 notebooks maintain a highly energy-efficient stance, conserving battery life and extending it up to ten hours on a single charge. All-day computing without having to rely on wall sockets and cumbersome adapters becomes a reality.

Made with USB 3.0

All new U46/U56 notebooks ship with USB 3.0 ports, offering up to ten times the data transfer rates of USB 2.0. Additionally, ASUS includes the exclusive USB Charger+, allowing for fast recharging of devices via a powered USB port in far less time than typically required. This feature enables continued charging of devices even if the notebook is switched off.

Providing more options

New U46/U56 notebooks come in different configurations for different needs. U46 models have a 14” screen, while U56 models provide a 15” panel. The U56E model further adds soft-touch palm rests, creating a more luxurious experience.

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