SGN’s (fluff)Friends, one of the biggest games on the social web, comes to MySpace

SGN, a leading social gaming company, launches the company’s first cross-platform game for MySpace, called (fluff)Friends. MySpace will be the newest portal into the (fluff)Friends network. (fluff)Friends, SGN’s most profitable online game which allows users to adopt a cute pet, will now connect the (fluff)Friend community across multiple platforms by enabling members on MySpace, Facebook and the i(fluff)Friends game on the iPhone to interact and engage in the (fluff)Friend world.

(fluff)Friends features a feature rich world where your pets live and interact and is currently one of Facebook’s most popular games with more than 550,000 monthly active users and one of the most dedicated and loyal communities on the social web. At launch, the free MySpace game will enable users to adopt their own (fluff)Friend and care for their character by petting, feeding, entering into quests and engaging with other (fluff)Friends through races. (fluff)Friend members can create customized (fluff)Habitats using the (fluff)Editor and (fluff)Art sharing modules. The cross-platform functionality will also allow users to communicate and interact with each other via multiple platforms including MySpace, Facebook and the iPhone.

“We have a great relationship with MySpace and are excited to have an application launching on their platform to their engaged and creative community - we think the opportunity on MySpace is big,” said Shervin Pishevar, CEO of SGN. “(fluff)Friends is a dynamic world that appeals to and resonates with the demographic of the MySpace community and creates a safe environment for young people to express their imagination. As a next step toward our vision of platform agnostic social gaming, we are pleased to be working with the MySpace team to make this a reality.”

“We are thrilled that Social Gaming Network has extended (fluff)Friends to the MySpace Open Platform,” said Jason Oberfest, senior vice president of business development and general manager of the MySpace Open Platform. “Working with Shervin’s team to launch the (fluff)Friend world in our community is exciting and we look forward to having them bring even more games to our users.”

(fluff)Friends for MySpace creates an environment and a marketplace to virtually purchase new items through in game currency called “munny” as well as make purchases with premium currency called “Gold.” At the Golden (fluff)Shop, subscription members can purchase limited edition real world (fluff)Friend toys as well as other collectible items with a PayPal account. (fluff)Friends on Facebook currently produces $50 per subscription user each month, which is evidence of the success of in-game currency and subscription-based game models that SGN has been utilizing since the company’s inception and will continue to operate through MySpace. Users can check out the game on the MySpace Editor’s Pick page.

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