PrismStream launches, an innovative social networking portal

PrismStream, Inc. announced today the successful launch of its website - The latest innovation to online social networking and web collaboration. Unlike other well established social networking sites, PrismStream offers users a rich free web collaboration platform comparable to most fee based web conferencing solutions in addition to basic functionalities of other social networks. The site is free to use with no hidden costs and anyone can join with or without invitation.

The website’s clean user friendly interface allows users to create personal profiles, easily send/receive messages, update their status, socialize, view friends profile, reconnect with old friends, post messages on friends profile pages, personalize their profile pages through different background themes, and share photos/videos. There is also an activity stream which displays in a scrollable timeline an aggregation of updates from the user’s friends and the user within the PrismStream network.

PrismStream is unique because it distinguishes itself from traditional social networks that are focused on profile pages and basic communication tools by enabling users to further interact with live audio/video conferencing on its web conferencing platform. The conference module has a whiteboard functionality with rich annotation tools that users can use to draw, mark, highlight, or simply brainstorm on a blank canvas. Users can copy/ paste and import images to the whiteboard as well as co-browse with each other by sharing a URL. There is also a private and public chat feature inside the visual workspace.

Users can invite their friends from within the PrismStream network to join a conference and can conduct multiple conferences at any given time, without a maximum number of participants in a meeting/conference. Simply a webcam and microphone are the only external tools needed to initiate a conference after which VoIP begins instantly without any toll charges being incurred by the users irrespective of where they are located globally. Best of all is there is no software download required, it runs on all browsers across all platforms, it’s completely free of charge and real time web collaboration has never been so easy and fun.

PrismStream is “ideal for students who want to hold an online study session, teachers who want to hold an online class, or even individuals and businesses for hosting remote online meetings or presentations. We hope to help small businesses and individuals increase productivity while reducing travel and toll charges,” according to Chuks Osuagwu CEO/Founder. Users can even record a conference and email the session to their friends. There is also a classifieds section where users can market their goods and services to their in-network friends for a minimum fee.

PrismStream is a seamless solution that will enable individuals, co-workers, and businesses to find and add friends for the purpose of meeting, socializing, networking, learning, interacting and collaborating with each other.

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