Belkin introduces line of OmniViewIP server management solutions

Belkin today announced an expansion to its OmniViewIP server management line with the OmniViewIP 5000HQ Centralized Management Appliance. Designed for growing businesses that face an increasingly complex IT infrastructure, HQ is a cost-effective and scalable solution that is easy to deploy for simplifying IT management.

Today’s IT administrator typically faces a host of IT management challenges, including:
Heterogeneous server environments, using multiple vendors and various means of management;
Organizing numerous IP-based management tools, such as remote desktop software, KVM/IP appliances, and embedded service processors; and, Managing user name and password databases across multiple systems.

Belkin’s OmniViewIP HQ offers a centralized solution that simplifies server management so IT administrators can focus on their most pressing issues.

In addition to seamless integration with the OmniViewIPKVM/IP Switches and OmniViewIP Serial Console Servers, OmniViewIP HQ also provides support for third-party power distribution units (PDUs) and software tools, including Remote Desktop, Virtual Network Computing (VNC), and Secure Shell (SSH).


Available now in the US and Canada
OmniViewIP 5000HQ Centralized Management Appliance (F1DP101C) - $3,399

* Centralized Access -Intuitive, logical access to servers, switches, PDUs, software management tools, and other IP-based devices

* User Account and Device Management - Provides granular access to devices and ports to customize access by individual user account

* Remote Power Integration - Manages third-party PDUs, associating specific outlets to individual servers
* In-Band Management Support -Incorporates access to existing tools, such as Terminal Services, VNC, Telnet, SSH, etc.
* Service Processor Support -Seamless integration with HP iLO service processors for KVM, serial, and power management
* Low Cost of Ownership -License-free model does not require additional investment as the environment grows
* Backward-Compatibility -Accommodates existing server management hardware (Belkin and third-party) to consolidate view/access capabilities
* Security -128-bit AES encryption

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