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iNomadics marks bold launch with new iPhone Calendar Application

iNomadics, Inc. is the latest venture started by successful serial entrepreneur Charles Stack. The Cleveland-based technology company is focused on mobile software solutions, and has just added MultiCal, its first product for the iPhone and iPod Touch, to Apple’s iTunes Application store.

Introducing MultiCal

MultiCal is a standalone application that allows you to view any number of Google(TM) calendars in one, easy-to-use, familiar interface right from your iPhone or iPod Touch.

– No Syncing is Required.
– There’s No Need to Replace your iPhone Calendar or Contacts.
– It’s Easy to Add and Remove Accounts and Calendars.
– You Can Turn Calendars On or Off to View Only the Information You Need.

“The Apple iPhone is an excellent mobile device, but the App Store is a totally disruptive game-changing platform. The App Store platform and the forthcoming Android Store will unleash enormous waves of creativity into the world’s fastest growing technology space,” explains iNomadics CEO, Charles Stack. “iNomadics is pleased to release MultiCal as our first contribution to this growing wave of creativity. We now look eagerly forward to receiving customer suggestions and ideas to improve and expand our first release. We also look forward to releasing many new solutions in the months to come. Surf’s Up.”

Build and Share

Using Google’s free, sharable calendar service, you can create multiple calendars. For example you can quickly make separate calendars for work, school, family, and social events. Google allows you to keep these calendars private, share them with a select few, or make them public for the world to see.

Search and Subscribe

Through your Google account you can also access and subscribe to calendars shared by co-workers, family members, friends, hobby or community groups, or any of the public calendars available from the Google calendar service.

MultiCal makes it possible to view all the Google calendars you created, and the calendars you are subscribed to directly on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Layered View

With just a few taps you can view one, some, or all of your calendars. It’s never been easier to check multiple calendars at the same time to find schedule conflicts or meeting opportunities. Just tap the individual calendar names from a list to turn them on or off. It’s easy to add or remove different calendars as needed. The calendar names and their corresponding appointments are even color-coded for your convenience.

Handling Updates to Google Calendars

Just log into your Google account from any desktop browser to make changes to your calendars. Once you refresh the MultiCal display, your information will be updated automatically.

How To Get MultiCal Today

MultiCal is available for the iPhone and iPod Touch from the iTunes App store for the low price of $1.99.

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