Mobixell to provide MMS support package for the iPhone

Mobixell Networks, a leading provider of innovative mobile multimedia and advertising solutions, has announced a new multimedia messaging support package that enables iPhone users to send and receive MMS messages to and from any device. Mobixell’s MMS iPhone solution, an add-on to Mobixell’s Rich Media Service Centre™ (RMSC) which is already widely installed in mobile operator’s networks worldwide, encourages traffic increase for the operator by enabling an MMS style experience via email for the end user. This includes, retaining the original rich media presentation experience, the forwarding of email to MMS to any device and retaining the iPhone profile usage for media adaptation.

The previous absence of support for MMS by the iPhone has been a source of much frustration for both subscribers and their friends. This new solution enables MMS messages to be sent to any private e-mail address and also enables text and image attachments that can be embedded within the message body for improving and optimising the user-experience. Other attachments such as audio and video can be presented as clickable icons with no application installation required. One of the other key features is the ‘easy to reply’ MMS service. Based on Opt-In users Database, the Mobixell MMS iPhone solution replaces the iPhone Mobile Station Internet Subscriber Directory Number (MSISDN) with the registered primary email address and adapts the sender and additional recipients to enable easy-reply.

Avichai Levy, Executive VP of Marketing for Mobixell stated, “The Mobixell scalable solution means that iPhone users will be able to enjoy the best possible rich media experience of sending and receiving MMS messages from their friends regardless of their device or network. Mobixell, as leader in the Mobile Multimedia area, bridges the traditional Multimedia Messaging world and the iPhone world, helping Mobile Operators to provide their users with the best user experience, regardless of their handset.”

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