Friday, October 17, 2008

MobiQuest launches mobile loyalty cards

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008, 12:51

Loyalty cards form large part of marketing budgets of large companies. It takes a huge operation and expense to collect customer information on paper, print plastic cards and distribute to consumers all over the country. MobiLoyalty, a product of MobiQuest eliminates the use of paper and plastic completely for loyalty cards.

MobiLoyalty mobile solution would let you capture customer information on a simple common mobile phone, take photo of the customer, get signature on the phone and within 3 minutes create a dynamic photo based customer loyalty or privilege card, which can be transferred to the customer mobile phone instantly.

Once transferred, the customer can flash the mobile loyalty card after every transaction and earn points. Customer does not need SMS or GPRS to use his/her loyalty card. Each card would have its own unique ID tagged to the photo and signature for recognition and accrual of points. The card would be generated and points updated in real time. The product also allows GPRS customers to see loyalty points on the card instantly.

According to Vineet Narang, CEO, MobiQuest, this is a very innovative product for airlines, hotels and retail companies. Many consumer focused brands do not use loyalty cards today due to huge cost of production, distribution and management, MobiLoyalty can be adopted instantly by any brand and offer loyalty cards to their customers with zero production / distribution costs. Sabina kamal, COO, MobiQuest says, we are already in advanced level talks with airlines, retail chains and some popular brands. The product is robust, runs on simple common mobile phones and is tested on 200 + phones. We plan to introduce many more features using the Mobile Loyalty card and its adoption will increase the usage of loyalty programs by customers.

With mobile phone usage increasing every month, MobiLoyalty can give big boost to the existing loyalty programs. Customer do not need to fill their wallets with plastic cards, they can have multiple cards on their phones without any problem. Advanced users will have the option of seeing video advertisements and instant payment options built in the mobile card.

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