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Bespoke Launches Online Real Estate Platform PreLaunch.ME

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008, 12:46

Tapping into the largely underutilized internet real estate sales platform in the GCC, a bespoke new business to business web portal,  has taken the pioneering initiative of offering a niche service; specializing exclusively in the prelaunch phase of property development sales. The new site will be a particular boon for NRI investors, who will now be able to access outstanding pre-launch property opportunities via the regularly updated website.

Founder and CEO Mr. Karl Haddad believes online platforms such as this have huge potential in the dynamic real estate sector throughout the GCC, saying “Until now there has not been a single common online platform offering real estate investment opportunities, purely at the prelaunch phase. This is a different category of investor, a niche in itself, and needs a different and targeted approach with a different financial lingo. Pre-launch, after all, this is when all serious investors are looking to purchase to achieve the maximum ROE (Return on Equity). To emphasize, there are no re-sales, rentals, or post-launch sales that will be presented to investors. PreLaunch, Nothing more, nothing less.”

Pre-launch (also referred to as presale in the USA & EU) by definition, is the sale of limited units/floors at an early stage to a limited audience, at a heavily discounted price. This creates an opportunity for the investor to achieve exponential returns (historically 30-57% ROI, or 200- 400% ROE) in a three month period, and allows the developer to begin the sales process. site members will enjoy a host of tailored benefits including regular email alerts on fresh prelaunch opportunities which are preselected with specific criteria. “99% of investors miss out on the pre-prelaunch and pre-launch opportunities, as only select high level investors are invited to the ‘buffet’. Our proposition is based on a 1st come 1st serve basis, allowing a wider base of individuals to benefit,” Haddad asserts.

PreLaunch only selects projects whose investment outlook is most lucrative both in the short and medium term; details such as the exhibition road show and marketing plan weigh as heavily as the price point and location. To establish a trustworthy, reputable brand and generate repeat business, a ‘clean’ investment must be presented to prospective buyers, and hence all (1) legal, (2) financial and (3) operational due diligence are undertaken by the legal and management team.

Indian investors have always had a passion for Dubai real estate, since the market opened up to foreign investors in 2001, resident and non resident Indian nationals have contributed heavily to the success of Dubai’s and more recently, the UAE’s real estate market.

On average 20% of total investments in the Dubai real estate sector are attributed to Indians, who are known as some of the most successful and shrewd group of investors in the market, reaping handsome rewards over the years for their savvy property purchases. Due to the great interest in the UAE market, the Cityscape real estate exhibition will come to India for the first time in December 2008, bringing UAE investments to India’s doorstep.

With the ever growing e-commerce industry slowly taking hold in the Middle East, is a pioneering concept, simple, sharp and to the point.

“Our name will soon be synonymous with pre-launch investments, and will be established as the leading brand for this category of investment…. a true investor’s haven.” ends Haddad.

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