ASUS Blu-ray HD Media Players at the Heart of Home Entertainment

ASUS has just released the O!Play BDS-500 and BDS-700, two complete Blu-ray/media player devices that enable accessible and easy to use HD video and audio alongside the widest media format support available in their product class, just as native online connectivity and Wi-Fi bring multimedia to a truly live state. ASUS is including a variety of added features, such as dual HDMI and USB ports, a custom user friendly interface, smartphone remote control, and gold-plated terminals.

Superior HD video quality

Both new models ship with Qdeo™ video processing to reduce image scatter without adversely affecting sharpness. Color and contrast are also improved and optimized for a more lifelike picture and increased viewing immersion. Complete support for Blu-ray Disc ISO and Blu-ray Disc 3D ISO (including menus) is also provided, and precision upscaling of DVDs to HD comes ready right out of the box.

Pristine audio in the living room

The stereo digital-analog converter (DAC) on the BDS-700 puts out SNR 115dB audio, the only device in its class capable of such high clarity and fidelity. Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio standards are offered, with 100% lossless 7.1-channel output that is perfect for movie watching as well as music enjoyment. Consistent quality over the product’s lifespan is bolstered by the use of gold-plated terminals, which do not age or oxidize as do components shielded by cheaper metals.

Most extensive media format support

The BDS-500 and BDS-700 maintain complete compatibility with 45 popular formats and standards, more than any competing Blu-ray product. These formats include hi-fi sound standards such as FLAC, WAV, and AIFF. With NTFS file management, content units larger than 4GB can be easily accessed. Additionally, 2.5” external hard drives can be attached to the BDS-500 and BDS-700, with no standalone power adapter needed.

Convenient access to online content

As online-capable media devices, the BDS-500 ships Wi-Fi-ready, while the BDS-700 comes with integrated Wi-Fi. This allows them to become part of a home network with automatic detection and no setup hassles. Dedicated links to YouTube, Picasa, Flickr, internet radio and a host of music and video streaming services let consumers get in touch with their favorite content quickly at any time. DLNA certification simplifies networking further, and wireless streaming of content from PC to TV is also supported thanks to high-speed 802.11n Wi-Fi. Both the BDS-500 and BDS-700 are fully-featured photo viewers, bringing cherished memories to the living room.

Added user friendly features

To ensure true HDMI 1.4 performance, the BDS-700 comes with dual dedicated HDMI outputs, one HDMI 1.4 port for 3D video, and another HDMI 1.3 port for audio. In addition to better performance thanks to increased and separate bandwidth for each aspect of media, the dual connection design means the BDS-700 can work effortlessly alongside existing audio receivers with no compromise in quality. Conversely, media players with only one HDMI out have to sacrifice bandwidth, routing all operations through the TV. As with all ASUS products, consumers benefit from uncompromising quality and ergonomics. The intuitive and accessible user interface puts every feature within easy reach, while two USB ports promote instant connectivity with other devices. Smartphones can be used as a remote control with no additional software needed, adding convenience and familiarity to the user experience.

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