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Splashgain today announced the launch of Bookshelf (www.bookshelf.co.in) the portal that will be focused on selling educational books. The students, parents and working executives should be able to purchase educational books such as textbooks, reference books as well as competitive exam preparation books online. The portal will have all the books from kindergarten (KG) to post-graduation (PG) levels of various publishers.

In the current context of urbanization and the rapid pace with which the various education institutes those are developing on the outskirts of the cities the cost elements including but not limited to travel, parking, individual’s time and the opportunity to get the book at the time of purchase plays a vital role. The whole process of purchasing and delivery of educational books in this context could be simplified. And Splashgain’s Bookshelf intends to do this exactly.

Swapnil Dharmadhikari, Founder & Director of Splashgain Technology Solutions said “In early 2010 we launched our pre-admission portal ePravesh (www.epravesh.com). As far as pre-admission process is concerned ePravesh has made life simpler for students, parents and working executives. We wanted to offer few things beyond ePravesh and in education field itself, our focused vertical. So, the idea of Bookshelf was conceived and now it is launched. Currently the books available are in the major categories of School, Diploma Engineering, Degree Engineering, Graduation, Management, Aayurved, Pharmacy and Law etc. It is our expectation that neither the discounts, reward points nor the delivery of books at the doorsteps will influence the customer to buy the books on Bookshelf but the unique experience of an online store specific to educational books, simplicity and value for their own time as well as money will motivate them to visit and shop on Bookshelf recurringly.”

Samir Kamat, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Business Strategies of Splashgain said “Selling books online is not new as there are plenty other e-commerce sites doing this. But, focus on selling only academic books that also from KG to PG should differentiate Bookshelf from others. Also, by launching Bookshelf we have achieved the very first milestone of our integrated marketing strategy. Bookshelf should help us in offering more value to already registered users of ePravesh as well as to the institutes who have already subscribed to ePravesh. Further, there will be some exciting features those will be added to the portal in the days to come.”

As of now, various book titles from prominent publishers such as Nirali, Proficient, Narendra, Ajit Law and Vidyabharati prakashan are available on Bookshelf. In the time to come this list will be expanded further. The registration on Bookshelf is absolutely FREE and the portal should serve to the students, parents and working executives who feel the pinch and pain of getting books at the right time at the right place and for the right cost.

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