Cisco launches, a web 2.0 platform

Cisco today announced the launch of, a technology platform where people connect, collaborate and make a difference in the world around them. The Web 2.0 platform allows individuals and organizations across India, to associate with causes and initiatives close to their heart, interact with like-minded people and share ideas, thoughts, experiences and solutions. The platform is targeted at individuals from all walks of life and lends itself to scale and replicability of initiatives, bypassing geographical constraints. is a platform and does not focus on a particular cause or initiative; instead it enables its visitors to create or associate with existing initiatives from across the country. Presently 40 NGOs and individuals across the country have registered for this project. Cisco is targeting 250+ NGOs and individuals to register in the next 6 to 9 months.

Key Facts/Highlights:

• is being launched and will be live from May 11th, 2010, also known as National Technology Day in India. By aligning the launch with celebrations around India’s advances in technology, Cisco takes the opportunity to strengthen its role as a trusted technology brand.
• The platform allows visitors to browse through specific categories, identify causes and choose initiatives under each cause. They can either associate with existing social initiatives from across the country or create new initiatives. Some of these categories include Education, Healthcare, Environment & Animal Welfare, Economic Development & Infrastructure, and Social Welfare.
• This innovative online forum enables visitors to showcase their efforts through multimedia channels including blogs, videos, and events. Individuals can participate in discussions, exchange information and create their own network of individuals.
• Presently 40 NGOs and individuals across the country have registered for this project and are targeting 250+ NGOs and individuals in the next 6 to 9 months.
• The partner NGOs includes Action India, Vatavaran, Spic Macay, Sweccha-We for change, Jamghat, AIESEC, etc.
• The platform is built on the Google Earth application, allowing members and visitors to choose a particular initiative by selecting causes within a specific geographic location on the map or through a search function that can assist in filtering causes and initiatives based on the interests of the user.
• The initiative ties in very closely with Cisco brand communication of the Human Network by demonstrating the potential of a connected world to make a difference.
• Cisco India Brand is taking a multi-media route with special focus on the digital and outdoor channels to promote the platform.

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