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India is on fast track on Economic Boom and the cities are emerging dynamically and you get placed in a high profile job, have to relocate. Buying a property isn’t an option in new city, so you need a rental accommodation. You search all the sites, contact all the brokers, and get hassled by all the obstacles. Unknown city, unknown locations and frustrating search for a right place to stay. Avoiding Brokerage at all costs is bit of a load too. That’s how Klickrentals was conceived.

Klickrentals.com is a concept derived considering today’s a quick need of residential requirement among the migrating community from place to place and understands the hardship faced by the rental residential seeking community. Members are enabled with direct interaction with the owners and freed from the dependence of brokers also saving time and brokerage.

Klickrentals.com is India’s fist portal that is dedicated only to Rental accommodations. Available for all Tier ? and ?? cities, this is a free site and intends to be one in long time coming. No brokers are allowed and every care is taken to insure this. Here the owner meets the prospective clients directly and save their time, energy, money and avoid all the hassles that brokering generally ensues.

Why Klickrentals.com: A thorough and exhaustive groundwork of studying the whole Property portals scenario and needs of the end users shows that many portals are just a mixed bag of outright purchases, rentals, residential, commercial and land. Often a residential rental division includes an outright sale property or vice versa. Understanding this Kayce Realty launched a portal that would be dedicated to only Rental accommodations search and posting. Genuine properties, genuine owners and no brokerage that’s what clicking at Klickrentals offers.

Klickrentals Growth Plans: For now Klickrentals plans on targeting Pune, Delhi (NCR), Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai as these cities have the most migrating population from within their respective states and also from around the globe. The migration turnover in these cities is large that’s why Klickrentals would be marketed aggressively in these areas first and then the rest cities will follow. This portal would act as a defined means for finding rental accommodations as per their salaries. In principle, strategy is: Any end user who wants to rent or is searching a rental property in above-mentioned cities should just only log on to Klickrentals.com to get their need satisfied and in same deal save their time and energy.

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