ASUS presents Triple Play Cloud Computing Solutions

ASUS has unveiled a comprehensive suite of portable, multimedia, and productivity solutions that places it at the forefront of cloud computing. ASUS strives to offer optimized cloud computing experiences by harnessing innovation and a broad range of cloud-enabled solutions. Professionals can enhance their productivity with access to real-time applications while on the go. At home, the entire family can enjoy rich multimedia entertainment with cloud-optimized solutions and services.

Easy, On-the-go Cloud Access with the New Generation Eee PC™

A bold new collection, the fourth generation of Eee PCs™ features cutting-edge designs that fit the lifestyles of tech-savvy individuals such as social elites, business professionals, daily mobile Internet users, and tech fashionistas. Among the new models is a premium netbook crafted from aluminum—a first for the Eee PC™ line. Ultra-thin and lightweight, the new range offers rapid, on-the-go cloud access. With ASUS Super Hybrid Engine, users can expect up to 14 hours of battery life. Other features include USB 3.0 ports for faster data transfers, quick desktop synchronization for convenient data backup, enhanced fingerprint security, and 500GB of online storage.

Uninterrupted Reading Enjoyment and Excellent Connectivity with Ultra-portable E-Reader

Slim and chic, the ASUS DR-900 E-Reader is equipped with Wi-Fi or optional 3G connectivity for instant content downloading from the cloud. Enhanced battery life allows users to read over 10,000 pages, or twenty 400-page novels, on a single charge. The 9″ DR-900 has a monochromatic ePaper display—developed by SiPix®—which produces crisp paper-like pages for comfortable, long hours of reading. It works in portrait or landscape mode to best fit the content format by automatically re-orienting text. A touchscreen allows users to easily write notes with their fingers without a stylus or a physical keyboard for the ultimate in versatility.

Convenient Cloud Services at Home with Eee PC™ Family Solutions

The ASUS EeeTop PC 24” is a home entertainment center that replaces desktops, TVs, and audio systems for that perfect all-in-one enjoyment. It easily downloads multimedia content and delivers exceptional video and audio output. EeeKeyboard PC is a fully functional PC in the form of a portable keyboard. It connects to any display for convenient multimedia entertainment. With these solutions, users can access cloud services from anywhere around the home.

Instant Multimedia Sharing and Entertainment with O!Play HD2

The ASUS O!Play HD2 is the world’s first media player to support the leading USB 3.0 standard for ten times faster data transfers compared with current USB 2.0-based players. Fitted with a larger capacity 3.5″ hard drive, it can also accommodate more multimedia files. Besides connecting to a rich media library, the O!Play HD2 provides access to more than 20,000 digital radio and 100 Internet TV channels, thus extending PC entertainment to instant cloud info-tainment. For stunning sound delivery, complete HD audio bit stream support delivers uncompressed 7.1-channel sound output.

Anytime, Anywhere Sharing of Secure Content with Home Server TS mini and NAS-M25

The ASUS Home Server TS mini allows multiple home and remote users to view digital photos, watch videos, look at security surveillance footage, listen to streamed music or upload files. Additionally, it automatically backs up data from up to 10 home computers—with additional 500GB of capacity available online. An exclusive ASWM tool informs users of operating errors via email to facilitate remote troubleshooting. For enhanced data security, the ASUS NAS-M25 enables full-system backups. In the event of a system crash, all files are easily recovered. With its unprecedented 4TB capacity, it also allows multiple users to share files via an FTP site—even when PCs are turned off.

Easy Connectivity and Enhanced Mobility with ASUS Networking

ASUS wireless routers are easy to set up with their exclusive EZ UI interfaces which enable plug-n-surf installation. Additionally, users of the ASUS RT-N76U and RT-N56U can enjoy ultra-fast and stable downloading with an industry-leading 300,000 concurrent sessions, as well as speedy file transfers in the less crowded 5GHz band with their dual band support. Both routers also support simultaneous printing and scanning to enable wireless printing from anywhere around a home. By connecting a 3G HSDPA dongle to the ASUS RT-N13U, users at home can share wireless services with family members. Similarly at a Hotspot café or restaurant, users can use the ASUS AP-N13M to share a Hotspot wireless service with friends.

Beyond the Hardware—Seamless Cloud Computing Services with ASUS Access

ASUS takes the cloud computing experience to new levels of excitement and convenience with user-centric services dubbed ASUS Access. With games and multimedia content available online, users can access magazines, music, movies, and even video news. ASUS collaborates with prestigious partners such as Zinio, Aupeo, and the Bild Group—Europe’s biggest newspaper provider—to provide the most current and exhilarating content. Furthermore, users can empower or secure their PCs with thousands of utilities available through the cloud. These include unlimited web storage for backing up and sharing files, anti-virus protection, anti-theft tools, and global Wi-Fi services.

ASUS enhances user cloud computing experiences with an exciting range of ultra-portable devices, real-time multimedia solutions, and digital productivity tools. To remain at the forefront of cloud computing, ASUS will continue to bring innovation and a broad technology offering, delivering solutions that embody qualities of real time, real place and real human interaction.

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