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Gaming has evolved into a leading growth industry and dynamic motivator for the technology sector, as CeBIT 2010 further illustrates. It’s a massively popular pastime drawing people, all united through thrilling entertainment. ASUS shares the passion, maintaining a tradition of ingenuity aimed at meeting the needs of gamers both with the hardcore Republic of Gamers brand (ROG) and powerful mainstream solutions. It seeks to innovate and introduce new exciting ways to enjoy gaming, believing it should be natural to take up rather than complicated.

Delving Deeper

Time for a new dimension of gaming—literally. With Avatar™ demonstrating the effect of 3D on audiences worldwide, ASUS has taken up the challenge and come up with an exhilarating lineup of screens to bring the experience home.

ASUS VG236H and the world’s largest 120Hz gaming monitor, the 27″ PG276H, are full HD 3D displays that blow gamers away with eye-popping visuals, combining uncompromising LCD execution with sights previously exclusive to the cineplex. Both employ alternate-frame sequencing in conjunction with active shutter glasses, doubling screen refresh to 120 frames per second. The results are ghosting-free, smooth 3D doing true justice to the latest AAA game titles—an increasing number of which support 3D, especially using NVIDIA® GeForce® 3D Vision™.

The Reality of Moving

They said it could never be done, but ASUS has managed the feat of lifelike 3D on a powerful gaming notebook—the G51JX 3D. An uncompromising machine in its own right, this notebook deploys an Intel™ Core® i7 CPU to power unmatched 3D gaming on a 15.6″ screen using NVIDIA® GeForce® 3D Vision™, the first notebook in the world to do so. And to celebrate the fact that the G51JX 3D cuts no corners in attaining these results, ASUS is including James Cameron’s Avatar™: The Game™*.

Unbridled power meets bleeding edge technology—that’s the ASUS way of inspiring the power gamer in all of us.
Extreme Foundations

The Republic of Gamers comes to CeBIT 2010 packing more hardware than ever, cementing its position as homebase for serious gamers and overclockers.

Rampage III Extreme and Crosshair IV Extreme motherboards deliver the perfect platform for Intel X58 and AMD 890FX, brandishing jaw-dropping muscle. The parade of power features is comprehensive. Four GPU support goes with a thermal design that laughs in the face of outlandish temps as the Extreme Engine Digi+ harmonizes performance and power to prolong lifespans and cut on energy consumption.

Overclocking has never been so effortless—ROG Connect is the exclusive ASUS tweaking suite, controlling a host of parameters even remotely from another PC. RC Bluetooth pulls another milestone—Bluetooth overclocking from a smartphone. Now that’s inspiring.

Meanwhile, the Crosshair IV Formula races to glory with a fusillade of innovations making it an ideal choice for PC gamers. The GameFirst engine was built with online in mind, optimizing connection speeds and destroying lag in its tracks for multiplayer domination even as heavy multitasking occurs in the background.

Unearthly Power

Graphics cards are the frontier of PC gaming, and the Republic of Gamers goes where none have ventured before with the limited-edition ARES. A mothership of a graphics card, it possesses dual Radeon HD5870 GPUs and 4GB of GDDR5 RAM for 23% greater performance than a top-of-the-line Radeon HD5970. As such, ARES is a limited production run, and units are sure to become a rarity. The oversized massive custom fan increases airflow by up to 600% compared to reference, yet ARES is decidedly quieter than reference. In space no one can hear you win. They feel it.

The Republic of Gamers MATRIX 5870 is another beastly overclocking hero with Super Hybrid Engine optimization, granting automatic gains through 19% performance boosts during gameplay and a very quiet idle mode. Its iTracker2 adds memory timing adjustment to an already brimming overclocking interface and saves your favorite settings for use when needed—all via a single safe-mode button. The Extreme Cooler keeps power-sapping heat at bay, altering fan speeds in real time. Harnessing brute force through fine controls is the essence of ruling the game.

Completing the Picture

Hand in hand with great gaming goes marvelous multimedia performance, so ASUS has both sight and sound covered this CeBIT.

The Bravo 220 graphics card serves as a centerpiece of home theater PCs, combining exclusive ASUS Splendid™ Plus with unique light sensors to guarantee reactive video quality that matches ambient conditions. The Bravo 220 also comes with the Bravo Media Center, allowing users to enjoy movies, videos, music and photos using a remote control and intuitive interface. Bravo also excels in eco-friendly traits, saving over 28% compared to competing models and operating at a silent 0dB—perfect for home entertainment environments.

Working together with acclaimed Sennheiser acoustics professionals, ASUS has developed soundcard-headset combo Xonar Xense to revolutionize the way people hear gaming. While most PC gamers suffer from miniscule headphone output, Xonar Xense pumps out a monstrous 7Vrms power through a built-in headphone amp. This brings out every audio nuance in games, movies and music, optimizing sound positioning and audio dynamics.

Games come to life in startling 118dB sound clarity, supporting EAX, DirectSound, Dolby technology and many other standards. The GX 2.5 audio engine drives the ultimate aural experience, making every movement, whisper and gesture tangible as the Xonar range caters to gamers with Game Profile, a utility to maximize audio by genre.

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