ASUS innovation establishes new standard for notebook PC audio

Entertainment media continues to personalize, focusing on content catering to diverse tastes. Notebooks have been playing an increasing role in this, becoming media centers on which people watch movies, listen to music and play games. The crux of the issue is demand for quality multimedia on notebooks, something not easy to come by—until now.

No Longer an Afterthought

Graphics on PCs have improved across the board in recent years, but audio remains a secondary priority. Users are forced to contend with tinny, unsatisfying sound quality that’s left in the dust compared to video. ASUS has taken upon itself to change that with its exclusive SonicMaster technology, a new standard for notebooks guaranteeing aural enjoyment will never again be a pipe dream.

SonicMaster completely redraws notebook audio, the result of co-development by ASUS and Bang & Olufsen ICEpower®. It debuts on new ASUS N Series models, providing striking audio for people interested in affordable, unflinching quality. Top-line NX Series notebooks feature upgraded SonicMaster capabilities, replacing existing home entertainment hubs.

All enable personal enjoyment and expression, standing out from the notebook crowd with unsurpassed auditory acumen.

The Chords of Change

Leading the charge are NX models with SonicMaster Premium, followed by more mainstream N models. The latter are still miles ahead of anything else currently on the market. Behind the revolution are efforts by the ASUS Golden Ear team, who’ve assembled a harmony of hardware and software crafting SonicMaster. The old failings of notebook tunes have been addressed: oversized resonance chambers and specially-placed speakers eliminate vibration and distortion, while the software engine boosts finesse, ensuring consumers hear amazing vocals and surround elements as though in a live environment.

Styling a Shift

Working on the NX Series together with renowned designer David Lewis, ASUS has completely altered the perception of audio on notebooks. From forgotten it has become foremost, with tower speakers flanking the screen to deliver sound directly to the ear. The NX Series matches SonicMaster with superb looks sure to thrill the fashion savvy. Its polished aluminum body sends a clear message—the essence of style is leadership.

Meanwhile, the new N Series maintains the trademark wave motif but adds to its dynamism and elegance with a sound-enhancing speaker mesh and hairline aluminum cover.

Sounds Touching

Serious music buffs stand to appreciate further innovation espoused by new NX models, as hands-on involvement gains added depth. Dual touchpads and the Rotation Desktop interface combine to allow two handed DJ-like precision controls, affording not only super sounds, but also a unique personal touch. The Rotation Desktop makes managing and enjoying media files easy, interactive and fast, and its ergonomic design goes easy on hands.

Fast Things Ahead

Quality audio means big files, and as every PC user knows, waiting an eternity to share favorite music can really take one away from that special atmosphere. Once more ASUS comes in to make things right, endowing the N and NX Series with new USB 3.0—ten times the speed of incumbent USB 2.0.

Powerhouse Intel Core™ processors such as i3, i5 and i7 drive the N and NX Series, providing a performance leeway so sorely missing from other, compromised designs. This results in the stage being set for pure audio gratification, not technical frustration.

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