New iPhone application, RelationTips, provides a new dimension to relationship

Thanks to 43rd Element, spouses and family members will now be able to find loving and creative ways to say “I love you” to the special people in their lives. The newly created iPhone application, RelationTips, provides random suggestions of words, actions and dates for increased interaction and enjoyment. RelationTips is designed to manage relationship connections for up to eight people, including spouses, children and dating relationships.

One of the most helpful aspects of RelationTips is the suggestions it provides for spouses to add more affection and adoration to their marriage. Most spouses would love to enrich their marriage with imaginative outings and loving phrases, but the reality of life leaves little time for creativity. RelationTips fits perfectly as the tool of choice to help.

“I want to do special things for my wife to increase her satisfaction with our marriage, but I am not always creative or consistent in my approach,” says Tyler Cutshall. Now, at Tyler’s fingertips, relationship creativity is a breeze. “I can use the suggestions directly from the RelationTips application or sometimes it will spark my own idea. Either way, she loves what I do!”

“It has definitely made an impact on our relationship,” says Tyler’s wife, Susan. “I am thrilled with the relationship ideas for me to do for my husband. With the help of RelationTips, I am able to meet his distinct needs and see a new aspect of his heart. It takes our relationship to a whole new level of intimacy.”

With the growing number of iPhone users and their “hand-held laptops”, it is no wonder relationship building would soon be just a touch away. For just a few dollars, you can enrich your marriage and family relationships as well as make your life less complicated. RelationTips will soon become a vital tool to enjoy the richness of healthy relationships!

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