.tel iPhone application to revolutionize web publishing

Telnic Limited (https://www.telnic.org), the registry operator for the new communications-focused .tel top level domain (TLD), today announced that it had submitted its free and open source My .tel iPhone application to the Apple App Store.

The arrival of My .tel means that, for the first time ever, anyone can edit and publish information on the Web under their own domain without needing web design skills or software or even a PC.

“With a significant population of the world using mobile devices, I hope the My .tel application will have a huge impact on the ability to manage and publish information on the web instantaneously,” explained Henri Asseily, CTO and Chief Strategist for Telnic. “This initial application provides the developer community with a vision of how the world’s population can take advantage of a domain under their control to publish data and be found online from any device. Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s vision of data services over the internet is realized at a massive scale if all individuals were able to take advantage of this.”

For more information and where to buy .tel domains, please visit https://telnic.org.

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