Paris is out of jail. And so is the game!

With over a million plays from around the world, “The Prison Life: Paris,” the Internet’s hottest celebrity satirical game, is getting its own sequel. Today, in honor of Paris Hilton’s re-release from the clink, launches “The Prison Life 2: Full-Release.”

For GSN’s latest game, “The Prison Life 2: Full-Release,” the recently freed heiress takes her stamping skills to a whole new level printing t-shirts out of her home, with Tinkerbell standing by. Making fashionable tight-tees with such uplifting sayings as “HEIR-HEAD,” “CELL-BRITY,” “FREE-DUMB,” and “LYNWOOD ALUMNI” users have to quickly maneuver the animated Paris to press each T-Shirt just right and get ready for the next clothing masterpiece. As the game continues, shirts pile up, the line moves faster and the ink really begins to fly!

“The Prison Life 2: Full release” and “The Prison Life: Paris” are part of’s suite of mini-games that can be played online, easily sent through email, embedded in blogs and linked on websites. Previous original GSN mini- games include “Rosie vs. Trump,” “The Astronaut Moonstalker,” “Kim Jong-Il: Missile Maniac,” and “So You Think You Can Drive, Mel?” These games plus many more are available to play and share on GSN is the entertainment industry leader in multi-platform interactive game programs.

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