Dell launches two new brilliant LCD screens

Dell UltraSharp 2407WFP-HC

UltraSharp 2407WFP-HC

Dell UltraSharp 2407WFP-HC

Panel Performance: Amazing 1920 x 1200 resolution, fast 6ms(gray to gray) response time, and high 1000:1 contrast ratio lets you view images, documents, graphics and video with stunning detail, vivid color and fluid motion.

Pure, Natural Color: The HC in UltraSharp 2407WFP-HC stands for “high color”. The Dell UltraSharp 2407WFP-HC features a 92% color gamut versus the 72% color gamut found on typical LCD monitors. Color gamut refers to how many colors the display can accurately represent. The 2407WFP-HC can display more color shades and tones than previously possible and shows vivid hues, remarkable depth and pictures bright enough for viewing under most lighting. With deeper reds, crisper blues and sparkling whites, you’ll observe graphics in their most natural state – on a Dell widescreen with vibrant colors.

High Definition (HD) Excellence: The UltraSharp 2407WFP-HC boasts an amazing 1920 x 1200 resolution. That is greater than High Definition, which is defined as 1920 x 1080 for 1080p. High resolution combined with HDCP provide true high-definition and support Full HD 1080p. With a variety of connection options you can connect to Blu-Ray DVD players, HD DVD players, cable boxes or your favorite gaming console for an amazing HD experience.

Wide Screen, Slim Panel: Widescreen means cinema-style viewing. See movies the way they were meant to be seen on the big screen or immerse yourself in the gaming experience. Widescreen is better suited to the eye’s natural field of vision which helps to reduce eye strain. The high resolution increases productivity because it can reduce toggling back and forth between windows. In addition, the flat panel design of the 2407WFP-HC takes up very little space on your desktop. Whether you are working or playing, wider and flatter truly is better.

The UltraSharp Advantage: UltraSharp monitors are designed to fit just about any situation and give you a comfortable viewing experience. Adjust the height, tilt the panel forward and backward, swivel it left-to-right, even pivot from landscape mode to portrait mode. The UltraSharp 2407WFP-HC adjusts to fit your optimal viewing position. Convenient USB 2.0 ports and media card readers help you avoid the hassle of running out of USB ports on your PC or reaching around the back to access them.

20-inch widescreen Flat Panel Monitor

Dell 20-inch Widescreen

The Dell 20-inch flatscreen

Panel Performance: Amazing 1680 x 1050 native resolution, blazing fast 2ms response time (typical), and incredible 2000:1 dynamic contrast ratio (grey-to-grey) typical lets you view images, documents, graphics and video with extreme detail, vivid color and fluid motion.
Integrated Webcam.

The integrated video camera and microphone allows you to capture video and take pictures with relative ease. The integrated webcam offers a complete solution. The software allows you to apply audio and video effects, disguise as a movie star, furry friend or any customized animated character during video chatting. With the intelligent face tracking feature, the avatar can follow your head movements and lip-sync instantly. It doesn’t stop there.

The integrated Webcam can also perform advanced tasks like remote monitoring, motion detection as well as time lapse video capturing. Stay connected with family and friends, create a video blog, even monitor your home – whatever you decide to do, it just got easier with the built-in webcam.

Pure, Natural Color: The Dell SP2008WFP features Dell TrueLife Technology for greater contrast resulting in deeper, more vibrant reds, blues and sparkling whites. With a dynamic contrast ratio of 2000:1 (typical), blacks are darker and vibrant colors pop off the screen for life-like movies, photos and games.

Wide Screen, Slim Panel: Widescreen means cinema-style viewing and an improved overall multimedia experience. Widescreen provides you with more screen real estate so you can get more stuff on your screen at once while the flat panel design makes sure not to take up very much space on your desktop. Whether you are working or playing, wider and flatter truly is better.

High Definition (HD): Everything looks better in HD and the SP2008WFP with its 1680 x 1050 resolution delivers high definition clarity right to your desktop. The Digital Visual Interface (DVI) with HDCP, a feature required by Blu-Ray and HD-DVD players, enables playback of high definition digital video audio with no loss in detail.

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