ASUS introduces the Interactive DIGITON Contest

Taking place May 2 to July 1, the ASUS DIGITON contest offers consumers a hands-on experience to test their strategic thinking. It revolves around the online creation of simulated digital cities (digital towns, or “DIGITONS”) and uses eight unique ASUS technologies as building blocks. All of these ASUS innovations are featured on new P8Z68 and also P8P67 motherboards. Contest participants can decide in what order to apply these technologies, in effect creating their personal DIGITON, with its own development path. Winning entrants will receive one of several P8Z68 motherboards as a prize.
Highlighting eight unique innovations

The DIGITON contest centers on the creation of virtual cities using exclusive ASUS motherboard technology. This logic highlights the fact that developing the world’s finest motherboards is indeed very much like city planning, requiring forethought, careful consideration and a focus on user (or resident) benefit and the common good. This thinking has prompted ASUS in launching the DIGITON contest.

Exclusive ASUS innovations put in focus through the contest include DIGI+ VRM, the new standard in digital power delivery for PC. DIGI+ VRM offers precision power, greater reliability and better overclocking potential, and sits at the heart of new ASUS motherboards. In the DIGITON game, it represents to core of the city created by players, driving its technology and efficiency. TPU(The Turbo Processing Unit) overclocking chip and EPU(The Energy Processing Unit) power consumption optimizer are also featured, as is the new UEFI BIOS with its graphical user interface and mouse controls. The multi-mode BT GO! Bluetooth manager and the AI Suite II application center add to the selection of ASUS exclusives on hand, which is further bolstered by multi-port USB 3.0 and SATA 6GB/s.

Contest participants can choose to apply these features in any order in-game, resulting in a different DIGITON virtual city each time. Thus, the contest is more than a competition, it is also a learning experience that explains PC technology in a friendly, accessible manner.

Contest details

Consumers worldwide are invited to enter the DIGITON game and try to create the best possible virtual city for a chance to win prizes. New P8Z68 motherboards of various models are offered as rewards, depending on the winning results achieved by contest participants. The contest is scheduled to run May 2 to July 1. Consumers may enter the contest and view full details, including rules, regulations, and prizes at

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