Panasonic brings three new Dual Cameras, the HX-WA10, the HX-DC10 and the HX-DC1

Panasonic announced today three new Dual Cameras, the HX-WA10, the HX-DC10 and the HX-DC1, all which have an easy-to-hold vertical design, making it easy and seamless to shoot full-High Definition videos (1920 x 1080) or photos – without having to switch between the two settings as there are separate video/photo capture buttons. The HX-WA10 is waterproof down to approximately 10 feet*1 making it extremely versatile, and the HX-WA10 and HX-DC10 models include Panasonic’s Backside Illumination (BSI) technology, which allows for optimal shooting in dimly-lit conditions.

Panasonic’s three new Dual Camera models record video in the MPEG-4 AVC file format (MP4), which is convenient for uploading images to the Internet or editing on a computer. Beyond the full-HD video capabilities, the HX-WA10 and HX-DC10 also offer 16-megapixel still photos, while the HX-DC1 takes 14-megapixel photos – resulting in high-quality images. All three models can take 2-megapixel still photos while shooting full-HD videos.  Despite being compact in size, all three models have a powerful 5x optical zoom, giving the user more range when shooting video and photos.

“Panasonic understands that consumers want a camera that will easily take still and video images, but they don’t want to sacrifice quality or portability, so with the new line of Dual Cameras, we’re providing easy-to-use models that can shoot full-HD video and high-resolution photos,” said Chris Rice, Senior Product Manager, Imaging, Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company. “Even more, the HX-WA10 is waterproof, and with its unique vertical design, the Dual Camera is easy to carry and hold – making it extremely versatile for all different shooting environments.”

Other features of the three new Panasonic Dual Camera models include:

- 2.6-inch wide LCD monitor for the HX-WA10, and 3.0-inch wide LCD monitor for the HX-DC10 and HX-DC1

- Electrical Image Stabilizer to help limit blurry videos

- Panasonic’s iA (Intelligent Auto) mode

- Face Detection

- Stereo microphones for clear audio recording

- Mini HDMI Terminal for enjoying even more beautiful Full-HD resolution

The new models will be available in June 2011 in the following color options: HX-WA10 in black, orange, blue; HX-DC10 in black; and HX-DC1 in white, pink and dark grey. Pricing will be announced approximately 30 days prior to shipping. For more information on Panasonic camcorders, please visit:

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