Samsung introduces compact printers

Samsung Electronics America Inc., a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Corporation, announced its latest wireless printers for personal, home office and small business users.  The Samsung CLP-325W and multifunction CLX-3185FW deliver high quality prints using Samsung’s new Polymerized Chemical Toner, and have the small footprint and simple functionality that make them a fit for a variety of home and small office users.

“We develop printers with the knowledge that customers are looking for intuitive, stylish devices that easily integrate into their daily lives,” said Ken Colby, director of printer marketing at Samsung Electronics Enterprise Business Division. . “By developing printers that deliver high quality prints, feature wireless functionality and are simple to use, Samsung is providing smart solutions for consumers.”


The Samsung CLP-325W and CLX-3185FW feature Samsung’s new advanced Polymerized Chemical Toner, which creates high-resolution, high-gloss prints. In addition, the toner creates more durable prints thanks to the chemical toner fusing ability. By having stronger fusing, the print is preserved with less image destruction.

These printers also consume less energy. To do so, the high transfer efficiency of the printers create a thin and uniform toner layer, which allows the printers to create less waste toner and to use a lower fusing temperature. The toner also uses up to 35% less electricity compared to manufacturing conventional toner, which results in a significant reduction in carbon dioxide.

In addition, both printers have printer speeds of up to 17 pages per minute (ppm) in the monochrome setting and 4 ppm in the color setting. Users have the choice between a 1K and 1.5K toner yield.


Designed to fit small workspaces, both the CLP-325W and CLX-3185FW have ultra compact footprints (CLP-325W – 15.3”x12.3”x9.6”; CLX-3185FW – 16.4”x14.9”13.5”).  Available in Samsung’s signature black finish, the printers have a stylish exterior design that naturally blends with Samsung’s other office products, including monitors and laptops.

Both printers feature the one-touch Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) button to ensure setting up a wireless connection is quick, easy and secure. After selecting the WPS button on the router and on the printer, the CLP-325W and CLX-3185FW will automatically connect to the user’s wireless network in less than two minutes.

Both units also are compatible with Samsung’s AnyWeb Print software, which enables users to print just the information they need. Using this software, users can select, drag and drop contents of interest from various Web pages onto a blank page which can then be saved or printed.

As a multifunction printer the CLX-3185FW is able to copy, scan, fax and print. This model also includes a LCD control panel and easy-to-use blue compass navigational system which allows customers to easily browse through multifunction options.

The CLP-325W and CLX-3185FW will be widely available in mid-January 2011 at street prices $199.99 and $399.99, respectively. These can be found at select Samsung resellers, which can be located by calling 1-800-SAMSUNG or by visiting

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