ASUS announces world’s first full high definition Gaming PC

With its unique stance and stylish looks, the ROG G73 3D represents a culmination of technology and design. It features the new Fermi-based NVIDIA GTX 460M graphics engine with NVIDIA 3D Vision, full DirectX 11 compatibility, HDMI 1.4 output, plus custom cooling and noise suppression that make for truly memorable gaming.

Notebook PC 3D gaming in full high definition

The ROG G73 3D signifies the world’s first notebook PC to offer 3D gaming through NVIDIA 3D Vision using the GTX 460M graphics engine on a 17 inch screen in full 1080p high definition. For portable PC gamers, the power of the ROG G73 3D hardware, especially the graphics capabilities of the DirectX 11-compatible, Fermi-based GTX 460M, enable more convincing and immersive experiences with the latest game titles.

The graphics core comes with its own massive 1.5GB GDDR5 video memory, enabling higher resolution performance and finer quality graphics across the board. Unlike traditional notebooks, the power of the ROG G73 3D means gamers don’t need to dial down graphics settings nor sacrifice in-game performance.

The ROG G73 3D comes with active shutter glasses that enable high definition 3D viewing in conjunction with the fast-refresh, 120 frames per second LCD screen.

Growing range of 3D-supporting A-list titles

More and more PC games from all leading publishers include support for NVIDIA 3D Vision, which takes full advantage of the hardware offered by the ROG G73 3D. This list now includes massive sellers like Starcraft 2 from Blizzard, which has officially incorporated NVIDIA 3D Vision support.

Add to this the benefits of DirectX 11, and gamers have a lot of improvement to look forward to — smoother graphics through better anti-aliasing, sharper and more detailed objects thanks to tessellation, and higher resolution textures.

Multimedia and 3D-dedicated usability

The ROG G73 3D comes with 3D output to any HDTV via the new HDMI 1.4 standard. This simple but powerful connection means the action can be transposed to a large screen in the living room or anywhere else, and therefore more easily shared. HDMI 1.4 also means there’s no loss of fidelity in the transition to the bigger screen due to the standard’s enhanced bandwidth.

The ROG G73 3D further supports 3D playback of Blu-ray content through the built-in Blu-ray drive, which can also be delivered via HDMI 1.4 to any compatible screen.

Gamer-friendly design and features

Built for serious gaming, the ROG G73 3D delivers an ergonomic platform that’s ideal for prolonged sessions. The 5-degree angled keyboard helps alleviate armrest fatigue, while rubberized surfaces cut down sweating and heat build-up. The dual rear exhausts vent heat effectively for better performance even under extreme load, while at the same time pushing noise away from users for a more enjoyable gaming environment.

Additionally, ROG G73 3D gaming notebooks now ship with a 500GB solid state hybrid drive that combines the affordable size-to-cost ratios of traditional hard drives with the speed and reliability of solid state. Gamers should notice faster access times and more streamlined performance in heavy-duty applications.

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