Panasonic launches washing machine with all new “Aquabeat Technology”

Panasonic, the global technology leader, has launched a new fully automatic washing machine 65B2 in Indian market; the new variant is equipped with latest “Aquabeat Technology”.

The new washing machines features Aquabeat Technology for much better wash quality and Fuzzu Logic  technology that enables the washing machine to select the wash cycle automatically depending upon the cloth load. The new models from Panasonic will offer a wide range of state-of-the-art options delivering a reliable and affordable performance. To meet the rising needs in environmental preservation and energy conservation, Panasonic has incorporated energy-saving technologies in new models.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Manish Sharma, Director Marketing, Panasonic India, said, “Panasonic has designed new models with ease of use and convenience in mind. The new Panasonic washing machine consumes less water with every wash as compared to Panasonic’s previous series thereby consumer saves a lot of water while using the machine. By launching this model we are introducing the all new Aquabeat Technology which would contribute to a superior washing performance”.

“Panasonic believes in customer satisfaction, hence we always come with new cutting edge technology which helps the customer to enjoy the technology at fullest” Mr. Sharma further added.

This new 65B2 model is equipped with Aquabeat Technology which contributes to an advanced washing performance. Fuzzy Logic enables the new model to detects how large the load of laundry is, reducing water and energy consumption where necessary. The unique foam wash feature ensures the machine makes a lot of foam, which helps the detergent to remove dirt in effective manne.

The all new Aquabeat Technology is the first of its kind technology to be introduced in India. It is a unique technology wherein the rapid rotation of the pulsator creates a strong water flow that agitates the clothes and removes all the strains followed by a gentle kneading action which thoroughly removes the dirt. The technology creates a powerful waterflow by using three steps-


•    The powerful motor rotates the Big Beat (BB) flapper to create a vortex


•    Rotating fins on the bottom suck in water which is pumped to the upper nozzle and released as a high-pressure splash


•    The Big Beat (BB) Flapper on the top forces up a large volume of water to create powerful tidal water flow.

Panasonic washing machines will be available across the country at Panasonic exclusive outlets & other multi brands stores retails chains & local markets.

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