iNet SafetyBubble announces new iPhone internet protection

Family Safeware, a pioneer in the mobile Internet filter industry, is changing the way parents think about protecting their family. Today, the company announced iNet SafetyBubble, a parental control and web filtering solution for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. The application allows parents to customize which websites they want to block either by category or individual site and also monitor web activity with detailed reports.

For years parents have focused on protecting their families offensive content on their home computers, but now, as the number of teens using iPhones continues to rise, protecting children on mobile devices is more important than ever. With its rich graphic capabilities, the iPhone provides access in vivid detail to all the same undesirable websites individuals can reach at home, yet in a much more private environment.

“It’s exciting that the iPhone is becoming more accessible,” said John Padgett, President and CEO of Family Safeware. “However, as these devices become more prevalent, parents must take precautions to make sure their families are protected.”

“As the porn industry continues to expand in the mobile Internet market, the battle against offensive content will become even more relevant. For that reason, Family Safeware is constantly working to improve its methods of preventing offensive material reaching its customers and their families,” said Padgett.

Although Apple offers a parental control feature for the iPhone and iPod Touch, it prevents users accessing the Internet at all. iNet SafetyBubble allows users to surf the web using an alternate browser and parents can easily customize each device’s protection settings and can monitor activity and generate reports any Internet connection in real time.

With over 100 million categorized websites and real-time classification of new sites, parents can rest assured their families are protected with the most comprehensive, accurate and effective filter technology available. Parents can easily configure filters for more than 50 categories of websites and select specific websites to block or unblock regardless of their category. Web history reports are tamperproof and password protected in order to ensure that parents can access this information with confidence.

In addition to computerized systems for detecting adult content, iNet SafetyBubble has nearly 100 multilingual human reviewers working around the clock to protect families undesirable sites. These reviewers work to identify sites “stuffed” with innocent keywords and linked to offensive images and content, as well as, making sure appropriate sites are not over-blocked.

“As parents we are constantly working to protect our families things like pornography and violence,” said Padgett. “While having an Internet connection in the palm of our hands can be wonderful, parents are realizing that there are many risks and temptations when young adults have full unsupervised access to the Internet. With iNet SafetyBubble families are now assured of the same controls they enjoy with their home computer.”

Pricing and Availability

iNet SafetyBubble is available on the iTunes App Store for only $19.99.

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