Belkin launches new cases for the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G

Following extensive research into the iPhone user’s lifestyle, as well as the latest color trends for 2009, Belkin has today launched new cases for the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 3G.

Showing off the latest color trends, such as indigo and a hot pink-and-white combination, the Belkin cases were designed according to how a person uses his or her iPhone. For example, the Grip Ergo case protects your iPhone with a rugged layer of silicone, while also providing gripability so that you can play games, text and surf the Web.


* All cases (except BodyGuards) are currently available in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.
* BodyGuard cases will be available mid-July 2009.

Grip Cases
With the Grip cases, your iPhone is snugly protected by a rugged layer of silicone. Different textured designs not only add style and color, but also gripability. Grip cases’ form-fitting construction allows your iPhone to charge while in the case. A protective screen overlay is included to prevent your iPhone surface from getting scratched.

Grip Ergo (F8Z460) - $29.99

* Ergonomic design lets you text, game and surf the Web comfortably
* Contoured ridges provide maximum gripability of your iPhone
* Colors: Caviar, Chili Pepper, Indigo

Grip Two-Toned Vector (F8Z474) - $29.99

* Colors: Caviar/Clear, Caviar/Hot Pink, Caviar/Bright Blue

Grip Vector Duo (F8Z472) - $19.99

* Colors: Light Graphite/Indigo, Hot Pink/Chili Pepper, Caviar/Translucent White

BodyGuard Cases
Using a combination of polycarbonate and rubber materials, BodyGuard cases protect your iPhone while providing increased gripability. These sleek, slim cases add no extra bulk and offer maximum protection while allowing full access to connector, buttons and iPhone screen. A protective screen overlay is included to prevent your iPhone surface from getting scratched.

BodyGuard Cinema (F8Z457) - $34.99

* Features kickstand for comfortable viewing of videos and other media content
* Kickstand folds compactly into back of case
* Colors: Caviar/Silver, Plum/Deep Purple, Garnet/Caviar, Indigo/Caviar

BodyGuard Hue (F8Z455) - $24.99

* 2-piece polycarbonate design snaps together to create 2 shades of color
* Colors: Light Graphite/White, Hot Pink/White, Bright Blue/White, Indigo/Light Graphite, Garnet/Light Graphite, Citrus Yellow/Light Graphite

BodyGuard Halo (F8Z461) - $29.99

* Colored rubber track adds color and makes it easier to grip the case
* Colors: Clear/Caviar, Clear/Hot Pink, Clear/Chili Pepper

BodyGuard Cush (F8Z470) - $29.99

* Interior rubber lining prevents from everyday scratches and scuffs
* Colors: Caviar, Hot Pink, Garnet

Micra Flex (F8Z469) - $24.99

* Slim, form-fitting polycarbonate and rubber design provides protection without added bulk
* Unique U-Flex design offers quick and easy removal of iPhone from case
* Features a highly gripable exterior surface
* Provides full access to connector, buttons and iPhone screen
* Colors: Black, Hot Pink, Garnet

Leather Cases
These fashion-inspired leather cases protect your iPhone from everyday scratches and scuffs.

Leather Sleeve with Pull Tab (F8Z465) - $29.99

* Pull tab lifts iPhone from case for quick access and easy navigation
* Cutout window allows for easy viewing of time and caller ID

Leather Sleeve with Clip (F8Z467) - $29.99

Leather Folio (F8Z462) - $29.99

Leather Horizontal Holster (F8Z463) - $29.99

Leather Slim Fit with Pull Tab (F8Z466) - $29.99

Formed Horizontal Holster (F8Z464) - $29.99

DualFit (F8Z459) - $29.99

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