Fugoo and Microsoft to increase your home’s IQ

Fugoo, in conjunction with Microsoft’s keynote at Computex Taipei 2009, announces the launch of its “open” hardware and software platform for its new category of smart and Internet connected devices for the home. Fugoo Founders, John Hui and Wayne Inouye, formerly of eMachines and Gateway computers, “have brought the team back together” to introduce a new category of devices that redefine the way users interact with the Web at home. Together with Microsoft and VIA Technologies (VIA), Fugoo’s vision of smart and Internet connected devices brings users beyond personal and portable computers to a new range of attractive devices whose users, environment and situation dictate their utility.

Like a mobile app store, these devices are highly customizable experiences that are driven by the applications and content a user chooses. Whether it’s in the kitchen for recipes, cooking videos, shopping lists and coupons or on the night-stand for alarm clock, weather, and news feeds, the form factor and user experience is controlled by the user. This level of personalization is enabled by an open SDK and API for 3rd party software developers and a hardware connector that lets any OEM make their product smart and internet connected. Through its platform, Fugoo will introduce devices that are only limited by the imagination of the world’s software developers and OEMs.

“Today’s connected consumer’s desire for information, services, and entertainment at their fingertips is fuelling a new market for hyper-intelligent and customizable home appliances,” says John Hui. “Fugoo’s devices unleash the power of the Internet and widgets to every room in the home with highly applicable services.”

“Combining Fugoo’s platform with Microsoft Windows provides a simple, familiar experience for consumers,” says Steve Guggenheimer, corporate vice president of the Original Equipment Manufacturer Division at Microsoft. “It’s exciting to think about how this opens up a world of possibilities for simplifying the way people interact with devices in their homes.”

Fugoo’s new devices can be seen at the Microsoft “Windows Makes Life Simpler” keynote on June 3rd at Computex Taipei 2009 in Taipei, Taiwan. Fugoo devices will also be on display at the VIA booth in the Taipei International Convention Center 2nd Floor, Room 201D.

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