ASUS showcases exclusive motherboard enhancements at Computex 2009

ASUS today unveiled a host of features for DIY PC and overclocking enthusiasts at COMPUTEX 2009, the largest computer exhibition in Asia. Leading the charge in PC component innovation, ASUS announced the launch of the exclusive Xtreme Phase feature for its preeminent line of motherboards, designed to provide highly efficient power deployment and deliver unparalleled performance and durability. Also introduced were the ASUS Formula Series graphics cards, which not only boast cooler operating temperatures, but are significantly quieter during operation as well.

Xtreme Phase: Multi-phased Power for Maximum Power Efficiency and Component Lifespan

Xtreme Phase is a multi-phase power design that delivers optimum power to the motherboard circuits and components under any loading condition. With Xtreme Phase, the CPU gains the highest “horsepower” regardless of how the power loading to the system fluctuates. Utilizing multiple phases in power output also results in lower average power consumption, thus providing more stable power for greater overclocking performance to be achieved. Xtreme Phase motherboards will automatically switch power phases in response to current loading, significantly improving overall power efficiency and stability during operation. This also translates into better heat dissipation and lower operating temperatures. Furthermore, the Xtreme Phase power design utilizes top quality VRM components available in all ASUS motherboard models, which include Low RDS (on) MOSFETs, ferrite core chokes and high quality conductive polymer capacitors—allowing users to enjoy greater component durability and longer lifespans. The ASUS Xtreme Phase power design is available in the M4 Series, P5Q Series, P6T Series and P7 Series motherboards.

Stunning Graphics and Extreme Cooling with Formula Series Graphics Cards: Designed with Passion. Engineered to Dominate. Crafted to Win.

To deliver cool and uninterrupted graphics rendering for the most stunning and fluid pictures—especially for fast-paced games that require high frame rates—ASUS has unveiled its industry-leading Formula Series graphics cards which are equipped with unique double cooling solutions.

Formula Series graphics cards are immediately distinguishable by the incorporation of a visually arresting, streamlined aerodynamic hood that is modeled after the sleek profile of a Formula One race car. This aerodynamic design delivers up to 7% more airflow for superior cooling. Additionally, its revolutionary heatsink with Micro Surface Treatment Technology improves heat dissipation by up to 14%. To give enthusiasts more bang for their buck, the Formula Series graphics card cooling fan has been made dust-proof. This durable dust-proof fan design extends its lifespan by up to 10,000 hours, which is 25% longer than traditional fans. With its enhanced features, the ASUS Formula Series graphics card offers 33% better efficiency in heat dissipation and 30% quieter operations compared to the industry benchmarks. The ASUS Formula Series includes the ASUS EAH4890 Formula and ASUS EAH4770 Formula.

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