iPhoneAppQuotes.com enables consumers to connect with 3 iPhone developers

Optimum Lead Generation, LLC announced today the launch of a new website, iPhoneAppQuotes.com, enabling businesses and consumers the ability to connect with 3 iPhone Developers and iPhone development companies.

With over 500,000,000 applications downloaded from the App Store in less than a year and over 25,000 apps in the store already, iPhone development companies are building and creating groundbreaking mobile apps every day. There are now more iPhone OS based apps than Windows Mobile apps despite the 9 year head start that Microsoft had.

“The App Store represents a huge opportunity to reach consumers on the go. The rapid growth of the App Store has been tremendous and can only be sustained by qualified and experienced iPhone App Developers,” said Gregg Weiss, President of Optimum Lead Generation, LLC.

The iPhoneAppQuotes.com Network is open to any iPhone developer, however not all developers are accepted. Every iPhone developer or company must have at least 1 app in the store already, and pass a short screening process.

For businesses or consumers looking to build their own iPhone Apps, the iPhone Application development process is easy to begin, and starts with finding a reputable vendor. Simply fill out the short form on iPhoneAppQuotes.com and up to 3 companies or freelancers will contact you to discuss your project and provide you with a free quote.

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