Safe Data Zone launches latest version of Online Backup Software, a major online file storage and backup service provider has recently released the latest version of the online backup software. The new version is very light to use, works quietly and automates your daily PC backups. It has been added Continuous Data Protection (CDP) to fully protect end users’ valuable computer data with no interaction from the end user at all. It simply backs up files as they are added or changed. The new CDP function greatly simplifies the end-user experience, which makes Safe Data Zone a truly set-and-forget data protection solution.

“At some point, everyone goes through the heartache of data loss — either through a hard drive crash, an accidental deletion, a theft, a flood or a fire. The obvious solution is automatic remote backup. The problem is that backup is complex and expensive. We wanted to make remote backup simple and free, so we built Safe Data Zone,” explains Kishore Kumar, founder of Data Robotics Corporation. “Safe Data Zone is designed to provide truly automated, secure backup to users without requiring training, investment, or regimented routines. It is simple, secure and very user friendly.

Unlike other online backup solutions, this client software backups up your files continuously and can provide continuous data protection by auto synchronization facility. Additionally, users are able to access all their backed up files via a virtual drive or website or your mobile phone at any time, edit them or share them with friends and colleagues. The software can be downloaded from

With the release of the new version of this software utility, decided to quietly move from the already saturated market of simple Online File Storage to advanced Online Backup solutions. To experience the robust features of this software before purchasing the services of safedatazone, you may signup for a completely free 14 day trial account from

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