ADT Security launches India’s first wireless motion viewer to detect actual intrusions

ADT Security, the world’s largest provider of electronic security solutions today launched ADT Motion Viewer, India’s first wireless video intrusion detection system. Targeted at such facilities as remote television and telecommunications towers, oil and gas plants, retail stores and large-scale operations, ADT Motion Viewer will provide instant video verification of an actual intrusion while helping to cut false alarms dramatically.

Built on a dedicated mobile GPRS network, ADT Motion Viewer combines motion detection capabilities with an embedded video camera (PCAM). It will detect intrusion and transmit a real-time video clip with an alarm signal to ADT’s 24/7 Central Monitoring Station. With instant video confirmation, the monitoring team can respond immediately by alerting the customers.

Wee Soon Chee, General Manager of ADT Security for India, said: “One of the key concerns when an intrusion is detected is to determine if it is a genuine alarm. With ADT Motion Viewer, our customers can expect faster response in the event of a genuine intrusion. They can also enjoy greater peace of mind as video verification significantly reduces the high incidence of false alarms brought about by existing alarm systems. In addition, they will be able to view intrusion video clips through their email.”

Given the high security concerns, particularly in Indian metropolises, conventional security alarm systems have been widely deployed for years. Standard security systems, however, do not allow for instant video verification and security service providers rely on CCTV footage to verify the intrusion.

In the Indian market, users of high-end security systems can now enjoy the benefits of ADT Motion Viewer which includes swift video verification, faster response time, 100% wireless solution and privacy as the camera is only triggered during alarm detection.

Secured by encrypted wireless communication, ADT Motion Viewer is linked to ADT 24/7 Central Monitoring Station over the GPRS network. Video verification for every space – regardless of AC power, communication lines or lighting is now possible. ADT Motion Viewer is a military-grade radio transceiver with a frequency of 868MHz device that covers a line-of-sight range of up to 600 meters. As a mobile security system, it can be easily installed and even shifted easily at any location including warehouses, construction sites, retail shops, boats and commercial areas as no power is required.

ADT Motion Viewer was first launched in Singapore in 2008 and India is the second market to launch this innovative video intrusion detection system. It won the “Best New Product” in the Intrusion Alarm category and the overall “Best in Show” at the 2007 International Security Conference held in Las Vegas.

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