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Micron introduces mobile low-power DDR2 memory for mobile applications

Micron Technology, Inc. (NYSE:MU) today introduced a high-performance mobile low-power DDR2 (LPDDR2) portfolio aimed at improving performance and reducing memory power consumption for applications including traditional handsets, smartphones and popular mobile internet devices (MIDs). The mobile LPDDR2 technology was jointly developed between Micron and Nanya Technology Corporation through their joint development program. Micron’s mobile LPDDR2 portfolio includes 512 megabit (Mb) and 1Gb die, reaching 4Gb solutions.

“There are two primary design aspects that mobile handset designers look for in memory – fast speeds to boost operating capability and low power to maintain battery life,” said Eric Spanneut, director of mobile memory marketing for Micron. “We’re able to exceed designers’ expectations with our portfolio of high-performance mobile LPDDR2 memory solutions, providing the lowest power option available, as well as blazing fast data transfer speeds.”

Most mobile platforms today are designed with mobile LPDDR1, which operates at 1.8-volts. But as the mobile and PC industry continue to down this path of convergence, designing multifunctional, full-featured devices, there is a drive to make the technology within more power efficient and performance optimized. Meeting the low-power demand, Micron’s mobile LPDDR2 portfolio operates at 1.2-volts, reducing the device’s memory power consumption as much as 50-percent when compared to LPDDR1. Delivering on performance, Micron’s new mobile LPDDR2 solutions will deliver data transferring speeds of up to 1066Mb per second. This industry-leading mobile LPDDR2 speed provides the additional bandwidth necessary to boost the operating capability of mobile applications, including running more functions simultaneously without sacrificing performance.

“With our NVIDIA® Tegra™ family of computers-on-a-chip, NVIDIA is recognized for bringing the power of enhanced visual computing to a broad range of mobile platforms – all while keeping power consumption down,” said Michael Rayfield, general manager mobile business at NVIDIA. “It is also important that the memory also deliver high-performance and low-power and we applaud the accomplishments Micron has achieved with its mobile LPDDR2 portfolio.”


Micron is now sampling its 1Gb mobile LPDDR2 solutions to select customers and expects to be production-ready in the second-half of 2009.

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