Receive emails on phone - without BlackBerry or GPRS !

GooseBerry has made it possible to be connected with your Emails 24 X 7, without internet or GPRS connection. You can receive and reply to your emails using SMS. You can select which emails get to reach you on your phone. The Email content is compressed by upto 30% to ensure that you get only the important part of email on your phone. All that one needs is a mobile phone that supports SMS. It works across GSM and CDMA networks.

Typically people spend heavily on costly devices (20 - 30K) and data plans (800 - 1100 per month) to be able to stay in touch with their emails.

WithGooseBerry you can acheive the same with as amount low as Rs 95 per month! A 40 person company can save around Rs 24 Lakh over a 2.5 years period by using GooseBerry instead of currently available options.

Gooseberry supports 37 email servers as of Jan 2009, including corporate emails, gmail, yahoo, ibibo etc. Every day support for more email servers is being added as users from various companies are requesting for the same.

Few Advantages of

•    The service runs on any mobile on the planet without needing to install anything.
•    You don’t need to have a special hardware i:e Blackberry or Mobile with GPRS/3G capability
•    Cost: The cost of this service is a fraction of the rental cost of Blackberry or data plan (GPRS) which you would have.
•    You can create filters so that you dont get unwanted emails on your device.
•    There are no extra charges on roaming as well (Saves quite a bit of money).
•    It takes minutes to start this service for you.

With every one going into cost saving mode, this might be the solution companies are looking for!

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