Panasonic launches new online social networking site

Written on December 18, 2008 – 3:17 pm | by Editor |

Panasonic, a market and technology leader in High Definition consumer and digital electronics products, today launched a new online social networking community — – inspired by the company’s successful Living In High Definition Family program. 
The interactive forum is designed to inspire ideas and spark conversation among people across the country, including current Living in HD Family program participants, through videos, photos, project ideas and community dialogue.   Visitors to will have the opportunity to share their personal experiences of how technology has enriched their lives and learn how to maximize their enjoyment of High Definition products from others who have posted their experiences.

Members new to the community will benefit from the real-life expertise of participants in Panasonic’s on going Living in HD family program.  To date, 44 diverse families from across the United States have already begun experiencing life in High Definition with a full suite of interconnected High Definition products including VIERA Flat Panel HDTV’s, home theater systems, Blu-ray Disc players, LUMIX digital cameras and HD camcorders.  The site already includes posts and video clips generated by these families which share their insights, opinions and advice about how easy, fun and satisfying it is to use HD technology in everyday life.

“Panasonic’s new Living in HD web site is an evolving community inspired by the original families in our LIHD program that teaches and motivates visitors to use technology more creatively in their everyday lives,” said Bob Greenberg, vice president of brand marketing for Panasonic.  “And with the digital switch only two months away, the site is also a valuable resource to talk to and learn from real people, not technicians, about how to get the most from your HD products by using them in new and exciting ways.”

The site is organized into eight sections.  “Come Together” showcases member profiles.  “Inspirational Ideas” provides a wide range of project ideas and entries created by the LiHD families to “ignite your creative spark.”  The “How-To” section features member videos and posted tips that provide answers to frequently asked questions about how to get the most out of HD products.  “Talk It Out” includes discussion forums on a variety of topics, from organizing and sharing online photo albums to the best programs for families to watch in HD. This section also has an extensive FAQ list with more answers to a wide range of topics including how to join the LiHD community, what to know before buying HD products, and specifics about different HD product categories.  “HD Gear” provides information about Panasonic’s HD product line as well as a link to purchase products.  “Community Buzz” is home to the community blog; this section also enables viewers to take a virtual tour of the Panasonic Living in HD Mobile Tour, and shares tour dates and locations across the country.  “We Are” includes a description of the community and links to create an account or apply to become a Living in HD household.

In addition to encouraging people to join the Living in HD online community, Panasonic is continuing to accept applications to participate in its Living in HD family program.  Launched in August 2007, the Living in HD program was created to understand how people’s lives will change as they become aware of the full potential of High Definition products. This program has become a strategic hub for HD consumer product development at Panasonic.

“The High Definition Era is in its infant stages globally and we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of its incredible potential,” said Greenberg.  “As a leader in the development of High Definition technology, we created the LIHD program as a way to directly engage the people HD will impact the most – consumers – and apply our learnings from them into the development of interconnected products that truly deliver the best and most impactful HD experiences for people.”

Panasonic is continuing to increase the number of participating families in the program from its current 44.  Anyone interested in participating in the program can apply online at

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