ASUS launches P6T Deluxe Motherboard

Written on December 18, 2008 – 3:34 pm | by Editor |

Fulfilling demand for users that require a motherboard able to achieve extraordinary overclocking capability, ASUS, a world-leading motherboard maker, has unveiled the new ASUS P6T DELUXE amid high user expectation. This innovative motherboard utilizes Intel’s latest platform, and features the exclusive ASUS Super Hybrid Engine concept that encompasses the TurboV and EPU technologies to deliver the twofold benefits of overclocking and power efficiency. TurboV is an advanced overclocking application that enables easy overclocking without the need to exit or reboot the operating system; while the EPU automatically provides users exceptional power efficiency. Equipped with Super Hybrid Engine, users will enjoy the best overclocking environment and address environmental concerns at the same time.

About the launch of this latest offering from ASUS, Mr. Vinay Shetty Business Manager, Components, ASUS (India) said, “With the new launch of latest X58 chipset in the Intel Platform ASUS reiterates its position as the world’s leading motherboard manufacturer by introducing a feature rich motherboard that enhances the use of this chipset and gives the user the right options to overclock and experience real time monitoring of the OC along with EPU and SAS. The P6T Deluxe motherboard also features new innovations in the form of Turbo V and OC palm providing enthusiast users with the right solution for all their overclocking needs.”

TurboV for Outstanding Overclocking and Easy Usage
The P6T DELUXE adopts the usage of TurboV—an advanced overclocking tool that utilizes a micro-controller to provide precise overclocking adjustments, and allow users to conveniently adjust the CPU ratio (multiplier)* for instant CPU upgrades for real-time performance enhancements. TurboV can also provide adjustments to the NB voltage, NB-PCIe voltage, CPU PLL voltage and DRAM voltage in 0.02V micro-intervals. These precise overclocking options make it easier for hardcore users to fine-tune their overclocking settings and strive for enhanced results with reduced failure rates. Furthermore, TurboV is able to do all this without exiting the operating system or rebooting! This unprecedented achievement allows users to achieve new overclocking records in real-time—allowing them to quickly adjust their overclocking settings “on-the-fly” and open a benchmarking program like 3DMark Vantage to obtain their scores immediately.

EPU for Extreme Power Efficiency
In lieu of the current trend towards power efficiency, the P6T DELUXE also utilizes the ASUS exclusive EPU technology. This hardware-based feature controls 6 major components: the CPU, VGA card, memory, chipset, hard drives and the CPU cooler/system fan. Equipped with a database containing all of the Intel CPU profiles, the EPU intelligently identifies and selects the correct CPU profile and calibrates the best possible settings to ensure the best power management.

In terms of the Chipset and Memory, the EPU provides enhanced power efficiency – improving thermal capabilities while at the same tine enhancing system stability to provide longer component lifespan and higher overclocking capability. As for Graphics cards, the EPU automatically detects system loading and adjusts the Graphics card’s voltage and frequency—saving up to 37%** Graphics power during everyday computing. With clever monitoring of the hard disk and fans, power wastage is reduced during periods of idling data access—helping to minimize hard drive and fan noise for quieter acoustics.

Exclusive Features for Ultimate Overclocking and Storage
The breakthrough 16+2 phase VRM design present on the P6T DELUXE encompasses 16-phases for the vCore and an added 2-phase for QPI/Memory controller inside the CPU. With high quality power components such as low RDS (on) MOSFETs, Ferrite core chokes with lower hysteresis loss and 100% Japan-made high quality conductive polymer capacitors, ultimate durability, power efficiency and performance are ensured. Another helpful feature comes in the form of OC Palm***, which provides real-time overclocking even during gameplay or 3D design applications without the requirement to exiting their currently open programs. Last but not least, the P6T DELUXE will adopt the SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) controller to allow users to utilize SAS hard disks. These hard disks will provide higher data transmission speeds and better data storage reliability in comparison to current SATA interfaces.

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