Thursday, December 11, 2008

Comba introduces new remote radio unit for WiMAX networks

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Comba Telecom Systems Holdings Limited (”Comba” or the “Group”, HKEx: 2342), a leading wireless enhancement solutions provider, officially introduced its new WiMAX-compatible remote radio unit (RRU) to the global market. The RRU is a highly integrated base station RF unit which can be detached from the BBU (Base Band Unit) and fed with baseband signals through optical fiber. Its high power efficiency design and flexible configuration dramatically reduces CAPEX and improves deployment time for WiMAX network rollout.

A key feature of Comba’s RRU is that it is designed for easy customization for different BBU suppliers in order to expedite integration. The RRU supports point-to-point, star and daisy-chained connection with the BBU to provide a flexible system topology.

In addition, it’s compact, IP65 weatherproof and convection cooling design allows it to operate in various environments from tower tops to underground tunnels. These flexible and scalable design features minimizes the feeder cable requirements for base station systems and mitigates the challenges network operators face in site acquisition and power supply issues.

Mr. John Cheng, Comba’s Director of Product Marketing, Wireless Enhancement, said “We are pleased to bring this latest innovation to the market. The RRU addresses two very important issues of the WiMAX space: speed to market and cost effectiveness.”

Cheng further added “We are committed to helping our business partners and customers to realize effective returns on their network investments. Comba is actively researching and developing products for current and developing standards such as UMTS, WiMAX and LTE. The WiMAX RRU is the latest addition to Comba’s RRU technology which includes solutions for WCDMA, CDMA2000 and TD- SCDMA.”

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