Samsung launches the Beyonce phone!

Samsung B'phone

Samsung’s new B’phone

Offering customers a new look and exclusive content on an iconic music phone, Samsung announced the upcoming availability of the Beyonce Special Edition B’Phone by Samsung, a limited edition handset exclusive to Sprint. As an update to the popular, award-winning UpStage by Samsung, the B’Phone showcases a dual-sided design to optimize music capabilities with the look of an MP3 player on one side and a phone on the other.

The B’Phone is crafted in sophisticated burgundy and gold colors to complement the unmistakable style and glamour of the Grammy(TM)-winning artist. The B’Phone comes complete with a preloaded special Beyonce-styled start-up screen. Consumers who purchase the B’Phone will receive exclusive access to load premium video and music content from onto their handsets including exclusive Beyonce photo gallery and videos, as well as a childhood song from Beyonce at age 10.

Operating on the Sprint Mobile Broadband network, the B’Phone provides easy access to Sprint’s exclusive multimedia content, including Sprint TV(SM) with 50 channels of television programming, including more than two dozen live channels and Sprint Music Store. Sprint Music Store provides customers with quick over-the-air music downloads of full-length songs for just 99 cents (1).

The B’Phone will also showcase features designed to maximize the mobile music experience including:

  • Sprint Music Manager gives users the power to quickly and simply transfer, or "sideload," unprotected songs from a PC to the handset via a USB cable. Provided on an enclosed CD-ROM, Music Manager also allows songs to be managed on the PC through an intuitive interface.

  • Advanced Stereo Bluetooth 2.0 with Bluetooth caller ID enables the user to identify callers with a spoken voice while they listen to music.

  • Multitasking capabilities provide the ability to play music in background mode while also using the phone for text messaging, playing games or surfing the Internet.

Additional features available on the B’Phone include a 1.3MP camera and camcorder, MicroSD card slot that can support up to 2GB of external memory, an easy-to-access keyguard switch to prevent accidental dialing, and Wireless Backup to quickly restore contact information if your phone is lost or stolen.

An extended battery wallet in matching burgundy and gold is included with the phone to increase talk time up to approximately 6.3 hours or music listening for up to 14 hours. Dual battery gauges show remaining battery life in the extended battery wallet and the internal battery.

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