Slim is in. Again!

Samsung has launched the highly anticipated Ultra Edition II in Southeast Asia. In particular, the Ultra Edition 12.1 (U700), the slimmest HSDPA slider phone, will be available in the market from July 2007, adding to Samsung’s growing suite of stylish 3G mobile phones that are available to customers in Southeast Asia.

Building on the success of Samsung’s Ultra Edition range launched in July 2006, the Samsung Ultra Edition II embodies the best of advanced technology, revolutionary mobile designs and ‘must-have’ business and consumer multimedia functions with four of the slimmest, most powerful and best looking handsets in each form factor. The Ultra Edition II range consists of two stylish and functional sliders - the Ultra Edition 10.9 (U600) and the Ultra Edition 12.1 (U700), a metallic clamshell - the Ultra Edition 9.6 (U300), and a candy bar handset ? the Ultra Edition 5.9 (U100). Each design offers advanced features such as a 3-megapixel camera and camcorder, high-speed internet connectivity, as well as extensive multimedia and audio capabilities.

The Ultra Edition II range is slimmer and more powerful than the first edition with its advanced functions and improved designs. Exclusive to the Ultra Edition II range, Samsung’s Optimized Power Usage Solution (OPUS) sets these handsets apart by guaranteeing maximum performance with increased talk time by 10%, power saving by 30% and battery capacity by 10%. Samsung’s Smart Surface Mounting Technology (SSMT), which was initially developed for the Ultra Edition range, has also been an intrinsic design element for the Ultra Edition II range, reducing the number of required components, interference and noise.

Samsung’s Ultra Edition II range also addresses the needs of the growing consumer segment, which expects mobile and music to come hand in hand. Each handset combines extensive music player capabilities with super sound quality highlighted by ICEpower® amplifier developed by Bang & Olufsen®. All devices also feature a dedicated music interface to make navigation and listening easier, and a Quick PC Sync software installed to make the creation and selection of playlists effortless.

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