IFA 2007

IFA 2007: Philips showcases future lifestyle concepts

At the IFA trade show in Berlin, Philips is offering a sneak peek at what’s to come in electronic technologies. At the Future Zone (in the Philips stand), the company demonstrates its active approach to bringing simplicity to people’s lives. The Future Zone features two innovative, ongoing research projects: a technology for creating a personal TV channel in just a few clicks, and a platform for developing easy and fun-to-use tangible, user-interface solutions. Visitors can also check out the latest developments in professional 3D displays, including an impressive multi-screen 3D WOWzone – no special glasses needed!

Personal TV Channels

Finding your way through the ever-growing amount of TV content can be frustrating, especially when all you want to do is watch your favorite show. Now Philips has found a way to make everyone’s TV experience easier and more enjoyable. With Philips’ new Personal TV Channels technology, you select your favorite TV shows just once and then the system automatically manages the recording of all upcoming episodes. Based on the programs selected, the system (integrated into a set-top box) even suggests other programs that match your interests. Philips’ technology is easy to use and quickly responds to your preferences.


As technology becomes increasingly complicated to operate, people are looking for simpler user interfaces. Electronic tangible user interfaces offer a solution. Philips Research is currently working on a platform that provides the tools to make the creation of tangible user-interface solutions very easy. The platform consists of all the necessary sensors, electronics, user-interface software and application guidelines. At IFA, Philips will demonstrate TagTiles, a gaming application based on this platform. While playing this game, children not only have fun, but also develop their cognitive, social and motor skills. TagTiles can even facilitate early identification of learning difficulties. The new Philips platform makes it simple to create other tailor-made applications, which can also be easily adapted by users.

3D WOWzone and 3D Displays

Philips 3D Solutions brings the 3D viewing experience to you without the need for special glasses. IFA 2007 sees the launch of the latest addition to the current range of Philips 3D Displays, the WOWzone. Thanks to the size of this multi-screen display and its immersive 3D effects, the viewer becomes part of the whole experience. Besides the 3D WOWzone, Philips 3D Solutions is also showing its current 42-inch and new 20-inch 3D displays, all based on the innovative WOWvx technology.

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