IFA 2007

IFA 2007: Philips continues launch frenzy; it’s headphones this time

Philips revolutionized audio home entertainment with the launch of new digital wireless HiFi headphones, the Philips SHD9100. These new headphones, designed for comfort and convenience, provide a crystal-clear digital wireless reception with true HiFi sound reproduction for optimum indoor listening experience.

While virtually eliminating background noise, the SHD9100 provides up to six hours non-stop listening, and comes complete with an energizing docking station for easy recharging and storage. It also features an ultra lightweight headband and breathable fabric ear cushions to enhance user comfort during long listening sessions. The headband can be easily modified to ensure optimum fit, with three-way adjustment providing a close-fitting acoustic seal between the ear cushion and ear for listening comfort and bass performance.

Ideal for serious music lovers that do not want to disturb others and seek interruption-free audio pleasure, digital wireless transmission ensures a more consistent reception, better quality audio and less power usage than analog FM (Frequency Modulation) transmissions while ensuring freedom of movement. The 40mm speaker driver delivers powerful distortion-free sound across an operating range of 40 meters so that the headphones can be worn all around the house with no impact on sound quality.

The Philips SHD9100 headphones feature automatic tuning so that they can be installed without requiring any complex manuals or instructions, and feature low battery indication to give advance warning for when the headphones need to be recharged. The headsets also operate with personal stereo, television, DVD and video entertainment, using Philips technology to guarantee that audio remains perfectly synchronized with video when the user is not stationary. The Philips SHD9100 headsets deliver digital audio signal from the transmission link right up to the headphone for top-quality sound clarity and excellent resistance to interference.

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