100 million DivX products shipped

DivX has announced that the company’s consumer electronics partners have shipped over 100 million DivX Certified video devices since the launch of the DivX Certification program in 2003. The unparalleled DivX ecosystem offers consumers an interoperable platform to enjoy a high-quality digital media experience regardless of the device or manufacturer.

DivX has created this digital media ecosystem by partnering with the world’s leading consumer electronics brands, including LG Electronics, Philips Electronics, Samsung Electronics, Sony Electronics, Thomson and more. The 100 million devices represent over 2,500 individual product models that fully support the playback of high-quality DivX video files, including DVD players, DVD-recorders, portable DVD players, digital still cameras, mobile handsets and in-car devices.

Standalone DVD players constitute the largest device category for DivX, and the company estimates that 32% of all DVD player units sold worldwide support DivX video playback. DivX has become a “checklist” feature for DVD players in many regions, with DivX penetration reaching roughly 90% for DVD player units sold in countries such as France, Spain, Korea and Russia.

“This is a major milestone for our company, and we believe it represents a significant milestone for the larger digital media industry as well,” said Kevin Hell, Acting CEO of DivX, Inc. “In practical terms, there are now over 100 million devices sitting in the hands of consumers that can easily playback high-quality video from the PC or the Internet. These devices offer a bridge between the exploding online video space and the traditional consumer electronics industry, and we’re extremely pleased that our partners continue to recognize the value of the DivX brand to global consumers. When users see the DivX logo on a device, they know that the product will ‘just work’ with their video content, and we’re proud of the interoperable experience our technology enables.”

Moving forward, the company is working with its partners to expand support for DivX into new product categories that support high-quality video playback, including set-top boxes, high-definition devices, mobile phones and a variety of network-connected products.

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