Olympus launches new range of voice recorders

The compact WS-311M and WS-321M digital voice recorders are the newest additions to the stylish and multitalented Olympus WS series. These smart devices not only allow the recording and playback of voice notes, lectures and interviews – they can also play music and store a variety of other media. Their incredible versatility and user-friendly interface make the Olympus WS-311M and WS-321M more than mere digital voice recorders.

From business professionals to students – today’s digital world demands digital solutions. With the WS-311M and WS-321M you can take notes as quickly as you can speak them and play them back in an instant. You can also choose from six recording qualities, ST-XQ for stereo extra high quality to LP for maximum storage capacity. With 512MB and 1GB of memory respectively, a potential 138 or 277 hours of recording can be made through the built-in stereo microphone. Thanks to the ample memory and music playback facility, you can travel light and combine business and pleasure.

As with all WS series models, the WS-311M and WS-321M are immediately recognised as an external hard drive when connected to a PC or Mac via the integrated Hi-Speed USB connection. Meanwhile, the SRS ‘WOW XT’ audio enhancement technology in combination with ‘TruBass’ (deep bass maximisation) – provides a richer, more powerful and brilliant audio experience.

Joining the WS-331M, which was launched in March, these latest models boast not only advanced technical specifications but also improved design and an intuitive user interface. With dimensions as compact as 94.8 x 38.6 x 11mm, a large, backlit LCD and tactile buttons that make main controls identifiable by touch alone, the WS-311M and WS-321M are sleekly encased, comfortable to carry and remarkably easy to operate.

The Olympus WS-311M and WS-321M will be available from early September 2007.

Olympus WS-311M and WS-321M main features:

  • 512MB (WS-311M) or 1GB (WS-321M) internal memory for recording up to 138 and 277 hours, respectively (in LP mode)
  • Mass storage device for data files (voice notes, music, images and data)
  • Direct, software-free Hi-Speed USB connection to PC or Mac
  • High-quality WMA/MP3 music playback function
  • 6 recording qualities for voice files (STXQ/STHQ/STSP/HQ/SP/LP)
  • Backlit LCD
  • Simple, menu-driven interface with five folders for file management
  • Variable speed playback
  • Integrated loudspeaker
  • Lightweight and pocket size

Also launched: Olympus WS-110 & WS-210S | VN-4100 and VN-4100PC


  1. please let me know how much it costs in india and how to buy it from india and also payment mode

  2. How much does a VN-4100PC cost me in indian Currency, or in U S $ and how many days is required to reach Bangalore in India.

  3. pl let me know how much (both0 cost in India and the places available in Mumbai.

  4. @hari, Vishwanath, Krishnan: Please visit your local stores like Croma. In Bangalore, you could check out along Brigade Road; in Mumbai in Fort try Sunder Traders and a range of these are available online as well on eBay. Alternatively, also check out Sony’s range of Voice Recorders at Sony World.

  5. Hi,

    Can you please send us the name of Olympus distributors in Mumbai and their contact details?

    Manish Parkar

  6. @Manish: You can find the info here